The sound of the tambourine was defeaning, but you didn’t mind, your friends were just having fun.

Endless bottles of beers and soju were lying lifeless on the table, and you already felt a little bit light-headed.

'One more?', Seungho asked you and stretched a lemon beer out to you.

'Why the fuck not?', you asked and you both laughed, taking the beer from him.

'You know what, I love how you can just casually curse like that.', Seungho said while looking at you, obviously a little drunk as well. ‘It just sounds so natural when you curse, as if you really don’t give a damn what anybody thinks.’

'Yang Seungho, are you perhaps complimenting me?', you asked and nudged him with your elbow.

'Compliment or not, it's the truth. Plus, it's sexy when you swear.’, he added and gave you a cocky wink.

'Hyeong, stop calling your friend sexy, people will get the wrong idea.', Mir, who was sitting next to Seungho, intervened in the discussion.

Her? My friend?’, Seungho asked, eyes wide and a little pouting. ‘If I would look at her as a friend, things would be much easier, wouldn’t they, Mir?’, Seungho asked and flung his arm around Mir’s shoulder.

Your hand froze on the bottle. Things would be easier? Not his friend? You didn’t know what to believe, but you sure hoped you didn’t misunderstand him.

The song one of your other friends sang finished, and all of you started applauding for him.

'Waaa, G.O oppa, your voice is amazing!', you exclaimed happily and received a smile as thanks from him.

Ya..’, Seungho mumbled and slid closer to you. 'Why do you call him oppa?'

You slightly frowned at him and took another clumsy sip of your beer.

'Because he's older than me.', you explained.

I’m older than you as well.’, Seungho replied.

'And your point is…?', you asked, but you already knew what he wanted to hear.

'Why don't you call me oppa as well?', he then asked, not looking at you anymore, clearly embarrassed.

You grabbed his hand, holding it between your hands, and made him look at you.

'Seungho oppaaaa~~~~', you said in the cutest way possible and you saw his cheeks going scarlet.

'You like that, don't you?', you asked and smiled at him.

'Who wants to sing next?', Mir asked and Seungho rapidly pulled his hand away, looking at the song list in the notebook.

’______ and I will sing a song together.’, Seungho then said.

'Are we?', you asked surprised.

Seungho handed you a mic, telling you to step onto the tiny stage in front of the TV.

'What song are we singing?', you asked.

'You know it, don't worry.', Seungho replied while coming next to you, a microphone in his hand as well.

And then you heard it, from the first second, you already knew what song it was.

'♪ Something happens when I see you, don’t know what I should do. I can’t explain it, don’t know why I’m so caught up on you. ♫', Seungho started singing the beginning of Brian’s & Jay Park’s “Can’t Stop.” You loved this long, and you were sure you mentioned it before to Seungho, and he remembered.

He was looking at you, smiling, his cheeks red from the alcohol, his eyes sweet.

♪ I just want you to know. My feeling’s outta control. When ya around me, I just lose it all. ♫’, he sang and your part came.

'♪ I can’t stop, I won’t stop. Ain’t stoppin’ till you’re mine. Oh boy I need you by my side. ♫’, you sang, your voice sounding terrible, but you didn’t care. Your heart was beating like crazy, and you were feeling amazing.

'♪ I said I won’t stop, I can’t stop. So take my hand and come with me, can’t you see. ♫', Seungho’s part came, and he stretched his hand out, intertwining his fingers with yours. ‘♪ All I need is you oh baby. ♫’

'♪ Why you actin’ like you don’t even hear me? ♫'. you sang again, your heart racing even faster now that your hands were touching. '♪ Can’t you see that without you boy my life has no meaning. Need you in my life. Oh boy you make me better. Can’t we stay together? ♫', you asked and looked at Seungho with puppy eyes, making him giggle. The sweetest giggle you've heard in your life. It felt as if the other people weren't even inside the room. '♪ I can’t help it baby. ♫'

'♪ I can’t stop fallin’ in love, love, love. ♫’, both of you sang, and you almost gasped when Seungho lovingly put his palm on your face. '♪ I said I can’t stop fallin’ in love, love, love. ♫'

You took two steps back, being overwhelmed by how close he was to you.

' ♪ J-J-Just t-tell me what you need. ♫', you stuttered at the first verse, still flustered because of Seungho, who was looking at you with incredibly loving eyes. '♪ And boy I guarantee, that we were meant to be. Baby you know this. ♫'

♪ You are the reason that I am existing, and I’m standing here to tell you my feelings oh baby. ♫’, Seungho’s part came, and he was moving closer to you. ‘♪ Just come on over, girl I’ll show ya, I’ll always love ya. ♫’, he continued, and suddenly, you felt his arm around your back, pulling you towards him, his chubby lips connecting with yours.

Your mic fell out of your hand, and your heart completely stopped.

He was kissing you, his tongue wanting to invade your mouth and you letting him, and you could hear Mir scream at the two of you.

You slowly pulled away, looking at him, his eyes even gentler than before.

'Why didn't you pull away?', he asked.

'Why did you kiss me?', you asked.

'YA! What was that??', Mir screamed at the both of you and you finally unglued yourself from Seungho's body.

'G-Good acting.', you stuttered. 'Right?', you asked as you turned to Seungho.

'Y-Yeah…', he almost whispered his reply.

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You opened the door after hearing the bell ring four times.

Your hand a little trembly, your parents’ eyes fixating on your every move as you were slowly pulling the door open. You could almost hear their radiant smiles.

When the door was open, a scent of manly cologne hit you. Not only that, the scent was mixed with something else, something sweet, something you knew too well.

He looked incredible, just how you thought he’d look like. His blond hair just the right amount of spiky, his suit practically molding with his shoulders and arms, and that silver brooch that just offered his whole look that something special.

He was smiling, his lips so luscious you took a second just to admire them. His smile was reaching his eyes, making them sparkle.

Just because of the look that he was giving you, you felt beautiful. You saw your reflection in his eyes, and you felt like the most beautiful girl in the world.

He didn’t greet you, he didn’t greet your parents, he just looked at you, until he finally managed to mutter something.

’_____, wow.’, was all that he said and you felt your heart jumping up and down.

'Thank you.', you shyly muttered and lightly bit your lower lip, doing your best not to smile like a complete fool.

'These..these are for you.', he said as he stretched his hands out to you, and then you knew where the sweet scent was coming from.

'Seungho, they are beautiful.', you exclaimed as you grabbed the bouquet of lilies and pressed them against your chest, inhaling their swooning perfume. 'You remembered.', you added.

'How could I forget? They're your favorite after all.', he replied and his voice sounded so sweet and calm.

'You just look so cute together!', your mom suddenly exclaimed, reminding you and Seungho that you two weren’t alone.

You could see a light flush of redness on Seungho’s cheeks as your mother spoke.

'After taking a picture of you two, we'll let you go and have fun!', your mother added.

Yes, let me take a picture!’, your dad said and lifted up the camera, ready to blind you with the flash.

You felt Seungho coming next to you. His arm went around your back, his hand resting onto your hip, his fingers pressing against your skin just the right amount.

Just by that slight amount of touch, your breathing got heavier.

And then, your father took a picture, making you and Seungho see white dots in front of your eyes.

'So beautiful!', your mother almost shouted happily. ‘Now go and have fun! Promise me you’ll take care of her, okay?’, she added and turned towards Seungho.

Of course. I would never let anything happen to her.’, Seungho answered, and his answer sounded genuine, it sounded as if he really meant it.

You passed the bouquet to your mother and felt Seungho’s fingers intertwine with yours, starting to walk out of your house.

His car was awaiting on the driveway, and like the complete gentleman that he was, he opened the car door for you, and as lady-likely as you could, you stepped into his car.

Quickly, he went to the other side, starting the engine, turning on the CD player.

Infinite’s “Last Romeo” started playing, and you felt a wave of excitement overwhelm you.

'I love this song!', you shouted and smiled like a small child.

'I know.', Seungho simply replied and smiled to himself as he was driving further away from your house.


When you arrived at the prom hall, again, Seungho opened the door for you, offering his hand as support as you stepped out.

Once again, his fingers were intertwined with yours, his steps adapting to your rhythm.

As he opened the door and you both stepped in, a mixture of tens of different perfumes hit your nose, the melodic music spoiling your ears.

The music wasn’t too loud, not too low. It was just the perfect amount to have fun but also be able to understand a person speaking.

Some of your friends came and greeted you, telling you how beautiful you looked and how you and Seungho looked great together.

'I never thought you'd come together! I always thought you two were just really good friends!’, one of your friends said.

And she wasn’t wrong. You and Seungho were best friends throughout high school, but you could never think of him as a friend.

You fell in love with him soon after 9th grade, and as the years passed by, your emotions for him got stronger and stronger, yet you never said anything, because truth be told, you were terrified. Terrified he might reject you.

Did you have a secret relationship without telling us?’, another friend asked and you chuckled, because that wasn’t true.

All of your friends were thinking that you had some kind of affair with Seungho, but one week ago, you were actually shocked when he asked you if you’d go to prom with him.

'Why? All the other girls rejected you?', you jokingly teased him, thinking that he was joking as well.

'No. I want to go to prom with you. Even if it's just for one night, I don't want us to be friends.', he replied and you were sure that you were dreaming.

But luckily, you weren’t, he was serious, and you said yes.

His answer made you understand that he also had feelings for you, but he wasn’t sure about you either. You both were idiots, not understanding each other.

’______, may I have this dance?’, Seungho suddenly interrupted your friends’ chit-chat with a dance invitation.

Just then, you realized BTS’ “Coffee” was playing.

'I love this song!', you exclaimed happily.

'I know you idiot.', Seungho replied and chuckled, grabbing your hand and walking to the center of the dance floor.

He placed his hands onto your hips, and you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Your faces were so close together, now you could only smell his perfume.

His lips were a little bit wet, and just as you were looking at his mouth, he licked his bottom lip, and you felt that he was trying to tease you.

'Seungho..', you almost whispered.

'Hm?', he mumbled and moved his face even closer to you, grinning. ‘I can’t hear you.’

'Why didn't we do this sooner? Why did we wait so much?', you asked, listening to the music that was playing in the background.

~♫Baby baby, you’re a caramel macchiato
Your sweet taste is still on my lips.
Baby baby tonight.♪~

'Because…', he started speaking and paused a little, having a confused expression on. '…because, because we're idiots, that's why.'

'Yeah. We're definitely idiots.', you said and looked straight into his eyes, and you both could feel the tense atmosphere.

 ’_________’, your name sounded so beautiful slipping from his lips.

'Mm?', you mumbled.

'I wonder if your lips also taste like a caramel machiatto.', he said before he proceeded to press his lips against yours, completely taking your breath away.

At first, his lips were gliding on top of yours. His tongue then shyly slipped between your lips, dancing in complete harmony with yours.

His fingers were pressing against your hips, your embrace becoming tighter around his neck.

After moments you wished would never end, your lips slowed down, his mouth ungluing from yours.

Slowly, you opened your eyes, looking at Seungho, and you were sure that you could see love in his eyes.

'And?', you asked and bit your lower lip.

'You taste even better.'


Hello, my loves! I’m finally back and ready for some serious writing!

I really really missed this, you guys have no idea! These past months my head’s been full of scenario ideas, but I never had time to write them! But that has changed now, ahehehe! So happy!

I hope you like this one, it’s a scenario for the request “May I request a scenario where you and Seungho are high schoolers and go to prom with each other and at the end of the dance he confesses? Please and thanks you. (for anon)”. I didn’t really make him confess or anything but it was close, so I still hope you like it!

I really had fun writing this, I think I needed something light and fun to write as my first story after a long break, just to get back into my rhythm, ahehehe!

Please let me know what you think of this, it’s really been a long time since I heard your opinions!

Lots of love and see you really soon, C! xx


His eyes were moving along with her every movement. Seungho felt enchanted by everything she was doing. He was madly in love with her.

She smiled at him and stopped walking, pulling him into a short yet passionate kiss.

'P-Paboya!’, Seungho exclaimed, feeling how the red was crawling to his cheeks. ‘People are looking!’

'I don't give a damn what people think about us.', she said in such a cute voice, even the damn sounded sweet. ‘I just want to show my affection to my boyfriend, can’t I?’, she asked and frowned and pouted at the same time at Seungho.

He felt his heart beating a little faster. Boyfriend. He was her boyfriend. He was so happy to be called that, he could barely believe it.

He loved it when she was so careless and cool at the same time, and that’s probably why she fell so rapidly for her, because she was the complete opposite of him.

'Of course you can…', he mumbled and looked away a little, hoping that she didn’t notice his blushing. 'I like it when you do that.', he added and looked at her again, giving her a radiant smile.

You like to be kissed by me?’, she cockily asked and leaned forward and just as their lips were about to touch, she pulled away and chuckled.

Ahhhh, so annoying!’, Seungho exclaimed, but a smile could be heard behind his fake annoyance.

It was their first date as an official couple, and he felt so comfortable and at ease with her he hoped this day would never end.

They met thanks to a mutual acquaintance, and at first, they were friends. They were hanging around a lot, enjoying each other’s company, and at some point, they both felt that their friendship wasn’t really a friendship anymore.

They were both attracted to each other even though they were as different as the day and night, and the tension was always there.

Until one evening, when she spontaneously showed up at his apartment and kissed him so passionately his knees almost gave in.

After spending that night together, they were officially a couple, and today was their first official date.

They went and had lunch together, laughed and talked about several things, and the only thing he could think about was how mesmerizing and beautiful she was.

After eating, they decided to take a walk and take advantage of the sunny weather.

Seungho wasn’t the only one feeling amazingly well with her, she felt as if she was in cloud 9 as well.

The looks he was giving her, the way he was sometimes licking his lower lip and laughing afterwards, the way he was squeezing her hand harder from time to time and then rubbing the back of her palm with his thumb, everything about him was driving her crazy.

'Ahhh, so warm!', she suddenly exclaimed as they were walking through a park and hurried to a bench, sitting down and leaning her head back, stretching her tongue out and panting like a cute little puppy.

Are you already tired?’, Seungho asked as he slowly took a seat next to her, gently placing his hand onto her thigh and looking at her.

Just by they were they were taking a seat it was obvious how completely different they were.

'Mhm!’, she mumbled and looked at him, pouting and nodding at the same time. 'Soooo tired!', she added in a cute voice and he couldn’t hold a giggle in. She was just too precious.

Oppaya!’, she suddenly exclaimed, in an attempt to do aegyo.

'You only call me oppa with that voice when you want something. What is it?', he asked and couldn’t stop smiling at her.

'Oppaya', she repeated and put her palms on her cheeks in a V formation, exaggerating her aegyo even more. 'How about drinking some smoothies? I saw a shop as we were walking this way. It's just across the park.'

He instantly stood up and leaned over her, cupping her face and placing a kiss onto her forehead.

'Anything for you. Please wait for me a bit.', he said and started walking away, making her heart race. He was so sweet sometimes it was hard for her to believe it. With everything that he was doing, he was warming her heart more and more.

With his hands inside his black blazer’s pockets, he was happily walking towards the shop.

It didn’t even take 2 minutes for him to arrive there.

'Two strawberry and banana smoothies please.', Seungho politely asked as he placed the money on the counter, waiting for his order.

It didn’t take long for them to be ready, and he hurried back to her.

When he was close enough to see the bench where she was sitting, he saw another silhouette sitting next to her.

When he got even closer, he recognized a man. A man he never saw before.

He quickened his pace and soon got there, feeling something he never felt before because of her. Jealousy.

As he stopped in front of the bench, both her and the unknown man looked up to him.

'Seungho-oppa, you're back!', she said and smiled at him.

The unknown man’s expression changed.

'Is he…your boyfriend?', he asked.

'Yeah.', Seungho replied in the hoarsest, lowest voice he was capable off. 'I'm her boyfriend. Who are you?'

Just then, the man stood up and awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

'I'm sorry, I thought she was alone. I didn't mean to intrude.', the man said and bowed his head a little, starting to walk away.

'Don't worry, you didn't intrude!', she shouted after him and Seungho stretched one smoothie out to her.

She took a sip from it and sighed happily after the flavor hit her taste buds.

He took a seat next to her, not even touching his drink.

He crossed his arms under his chest and sighed deeply.

She looked at him but decided not to say anything, just happily sipping out of her smoothie. She knew he was jealous, but she wanted to tease him a little.

This time, Seungho sighed even deeper, but again, she didn’t say anything.

'Aishhh…', he mumbled under his breath and she thought it would be the good time to say something now.

'Seungho, is something wrong?', she asked and he turned his head to her.

'It was 5 minutes. I was gone for 5 minutes and some guy already tries to hit on you. Men are hungry, thirsty beasts! I hate men!', he exclaimed angrily and she giggled at his cute exaggeration.

'Don't laugh, I'm serious! You're too beautiful!', he then said and she slowly put her smoothie next to her on the bench.

'Why do you have to be so beautiful? You're so gorgeous, of course any guy would want to get to know you. They'd be crazy if they wouldn't want to!', he added with even more frustration.

In that moment, Seungho was so cute in her eyes she couldn’t hold back.

She got on top of him, sitting onto his lap, arms wrapped around his neck.

’_____, w-what are you doing?’, he stuttered and looked at her, and she could see his face getting redder.

'Seungho, listen here.', she said in a serious voice and leaned her face closer to his. ‘There will always be people who try to flirt with me, and there will always be people who try to flirt with you. We can’t do anything about that, that’s just how things work.’, she said, almost whispering now.

'If a guy will come on to me, it doesn't mean that I will accept his flirtation, it also doesn't mean that I will be rude to him. I will politely reject his actions and tell him that I'm not interested, because honestly, how could I ever be interested as long as I have you beside me? You're everything and more than I need.', she added and placed a kiss onto his forehead, just like he did minutes ago.

There’s no competition going on, because I’m in love with you, and I only want you. Just you.’, she said and felt his arms embrace her back.

He pressed his chin against her shoulder and tightly hugged her.

'Butterflies…I feel butterflies fluttering.', he mumbled.

'You do?’, she asked him, trailing her fingers through his hair.

'Yes.', he replied, and in that moment, they both felt so close to each other they weren’t even feeling the stares from the people passing by.

'Why?', she asked.

'Because I'm in love with you too. I must be crazy ______, all I need is you.'


It’s been such a long time, forgive me, and I wasn’t even busy I was just lazy as fuck.

But I’m back with a super fluffy Seungho scenario, and I know that you all love Seungho, and even more when he’s fluffy!

So let me all know what you think of this scenario, send me loads of messages!

For the request: “How about a fluff scenario for Seungho; You & Him go out on a date and while he goes to the nearby shop to get smoothies for both of you and he sees a boy chatting with you && he gets a bit jealous + picture” for Howl anon!

Stay tuned for the next scenario, lots of love, C! xx


'Again?', she asked and chuckled as she let him in.

'You know I get bored at my place.', he replied and walked in, hands deep in his pockets.

She looked stunning. Her hair curly and the red dress molding with her every curve. He couldn’t stomach the thought that she didn’t look this gorgeous for him.

'You know I'm going out for a date, right?', she asked as she went to a mirror, putting earrings on.

'I know.', he replied and sat on the couch, taking the remote and aimlessly switching through channels.

'Is it the guy you met in the bus station?', he then added, not looking at her.

'Mhm. He's the one. He's a real cutie.', she said and he could hear the smile forming on her face. He felt like he couldn’t breathe.

Why was she always doing that to him? Even if he was asking for information, she shouldn’t have given it to him. He hated hearing about the dates she was having, just the thought of another guy near her was appalling for him.

But what could he do? They were life-long friends. She was the best thing that ever happened to him, but he knew too well that a gorgeous woman like her could never feel anything romantic for a average guy like him.

She was beautiful, funny, dorky and intelligent. She had the most gentle smile he had ever seen and the warmest, kindest heart. She was open to new things and she never judged people for their appearences. She loved to read, to talk about the craziest topics and to come up with the maddest ideas.

Her laughter could cheer up even the saddest person. She was breathtaking in every possible way, and he, he was just Seungho.

'Where are you two going?', he asked, and he hated himself for asking. He didn’t need nor want to know.

'I don't know.', she answered and shrugged. 'He said he'd surprise me. But say, Seungho…', she added and looked at him, a smile lingering on her lips.

'Hm?', he mumbled and looked up at her.

'How do I look?', she asked and slightly grazed her bottom lip with her teeth while smiling.

Gorgeous.’, he said without a second thought. He couldn’t hold it in.
Her eyes went wide and she was pouting a little.

'Wahh, is this one of your kind days?', she asked and then laughed. 'Whenever I ask you how I look you just huff.’, she added and checked herself out in the mirror.

He leaned his back against the couch, doing his best not to scream out his feelings. At that point, he was like a ticking bomb, and he was afraid he couldn’t control it anymore.

She took a seat next to him, her legs almost shimmering.

'Imma go now.', she said and smiled. 'What are you gonna do all night long? Play video games?’, she asked and smiled once more.

He nodded but didn’t smile back.

She placed her palms on his cheeks, pulling him closer to her.

'I know you too well, Seungho.', she said and chuckled, letting go of him, walking towards the door.

'What do you know about me?', she heard a soft muffle behind her.

'Hm? Did you say something?', she asked as she turned back.

'What do you know about me?!', he repeated himself, louder this time.

She frowned at him, a confused look on her face.

'You know nothing about me!', he almost shouted as he stood up, swinging one of his arms in the air.

'You think that I'm an open book! You think that I'm a shoulder on which you can always lean on! You think that I'm immune to your charisma! You think that you're like a sister to me, but you're so wrong!', he shouted, his eyes red.

'What's gotten into you?! How dare you scream at me like that?', she shouted as well, her frown deepening. 'I don't even know what you're talking about!'

'You said that you know me too well when in reality you don't know me at all!', he tried to explain his outburst.

'What are you talking about? Are you saying I'm a bad friend?!’, she asked.

'No, I'm saying you know nothing about me!'

'What do I not know?! You're acting like a crazy person Seungho!', she scolded, huffing hardly.

This was the first time he ever screamed at her, and it was the first time she ever yelled at him.

'You don't know about all my sleepless nights because I'm always thinking about rhymes for every word that's coming out of your mouth! You know nothing!', he screamed, his teeth clenched.

Her eyes widened, her mouth open. She couldn’t mutter a single word.

'You know nothing about the tears I shed at night or the sadness embedded in my every expression! You don't how long I stay in front of your door after leaving! You know nothing, ______, nothing! So don't dare say that you do!'

'You jerk!', she yelled, her eyes bloodshot. She started to slap him all over his body. ‘You jerk! How dare you say those things?! How dare you play with my heart like that?! These kind of things may work on other girls, but not me, you jerk!’, she continued yelling, traces of tears visible in her vicious eyes.

She grabbed her wrists and held her still, looking her in the eyes.

'Listen to me _____, listen to me. You don't know that every time you touch me it feels like a Tsunami just hit me. It feels like I'm drowning whenever I'm looking into your eyes. You don't know how I'm staring at your lips when you're talking! You think there's no flame burning behind my poker face, you think you know me, when in reality you don't.', he said, his voice becoming softer with every word.

He let go of her wrists, slowly lowering his hands.

She was just looking at him, her eyes wetter than before.

'I am sorry. I will go now. Have fun with your date.', he said and headed towards the door.

'How can you just leave?!', she yelled, her voice almost a roar. 'How can you just leave after saying all those things? How can you be so heartless? Why must I be in love with such a heartless person?!', she screamed, and he heard her voice break.

He turned around, rushing towards her, kissing the tears away.

She started sobbing like a little child and he tightly held her against his chest. He stroke her head and didn’t say anything.

He felt a stone lifting from his heart, and she was crying her burden away.

She looked up at him, eyes still moist and full of hope. He cupped her face and planted a kiss on her lips, pouring all the love that he had into that one kiss.

And that’s when she understood just how much he loved her. And that’s when he understood just how much she loved him. That’s when they finally understood each other.

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’_________?’, a voice called my name and I turned around. There it was again, that pain that was taking my life away little by little. You were standing in front of me, but you weren’t alone. I looked down, seeing how your hand was intertwined with hers.

People were surrounding us, we were in a public area, I couldn’t just scream all the things I wanted you to know.

’______, it is you!’, you said with a radiating voice. Who were you? You were looking like a stranger. Why were you so happy while I was still drowning in misery? Like frozen ice, I couldn’t say anything.

'Oppa, do you two know each other?', the girl next to you asked. She was mesmerizing, she looked good by your side.

'Y-Yes..', you answered, stuttering. Know each other? You were once my love and my savior.

’______, this is Minzy.’, you then said. If you introduced me to her, saying that she’s your good friend, did you think I would brightly greet you and congratulate you? Again, I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t forget you and I cried like a crazy person. It was so hard… But if you’re with another girl already and suddenly show up, what do I become?

'Oppa, I'm going to leave you two alone. Meet me in our coffee shop, okay?', your girl then said and gently kissed you on your cheek. I could barely breathe.

There was no regret nor longing in your eyes. You really forgot me, didn’t you?

How have you been?’, your voice then pierced my ears. Why was it so painful to listen to you? The tenderness I was comprehending before in your voice while talking to me was now completely gone. There was nothing left of me in you.

Why were you so bad? Why did you only know yourself? What did you want me to say? I was hurting so much, you fool. I couldn’t smile like you. Why was I the only one struggling?

'Fine.', I finally managed to answer. 'You?', I then asked, without knowing why. I didn't want to know about your grandiose lifestyle, I didn't want to know how happy you were since you left my side.

'Fine? That's all? I thought you'd answer me in more detail.', you then said. Was it fun? Was it fun torturing me? ‘Are you still living in the apartment next to the cute bookstore?’, you then threw another question at me.

You sure were good at pretending to care.

'Yes.', I simply answered.

'Have you worked on your bad habit of being messy?', you asked, giggling and slightly grazing your bottom lip with your teeth.

I turned around, starting to walk away, not wanting to turn back and look at you. The tears were burning my eyes, struggling to get out. You suddenly grabbed my wrist and stopped me.

'What's wrong? Did I say something I shouldn't have?', you asked.

Jerking my wrist out of your grab, I turned around, the tears hanging from the corners of my eyes.

'Am I a joke to you?!', I screamed, making many heads turn. Your eyes flew open in surprise at my sudden explosion. 'Seungho, won't you tell me-', I added, taking a step towards you, doing my best to hold the tears and wrath in, '-who put that rock in your chest?'

And with that last unanswered question, I walked away. I couldn’t believe that this rose has lost its red, and its petals.

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'Does it hurt a lot?', she asked and looked at me with those beautiful eyes filled with worry.

'No. It's way better than the last few days.', I reassured her and smiled at her. 

'Should I open your window? It's really hot today.', she asked, and without waiting for my answer, she stood up from her chair and opened all the windows in my bedroom. When she came back, I could see traces of sweat on her neck and sideburns.

'Are you hungry? Do you want some water?', she asked. 

'You're so beautiful when you're worried about me.', I replied and smiled.

'Yaaaa~', she raised her voice at me and slapped my arm. ‘What are you saying in these kind of situations?’

'How can you beat a helpless man? I have the meanest girlfriend in the world!'

'You should feel lucky for not hitting you in the stomach! This is a serious matter and you're joking around!', she scolded and pouted at me.

'Who said I was joking?! I never joke when I call you beautiful!', I rectified and frowned at her.

'Nevermind that.', she sighed and shook her head. She looked like a caring mother which was looking after her child. 'I have to change your bandages now.'

'Again? You changed them hours ago!'

'I have to change them every 5 hours and apply cream to it.', she explained and stood up from her chair.

'Are you sure you don't just want to see me naked?', I asked and laughed.

She hissed at me and frowned.

'Okay okay, I'll stop! Don't hit me again!', I apologized and laughed.

She smiled as well, wiping her sweaty forehead with the back of her palm.

'Say, jagi, why don't you take off your blouse since it's so hot?', I asked and looked up at her.

'Should I? It's really really warm today.', she asked and opened the first button of her jacket.

>Jackpot!!<, I thought to myself. Since the accident she didn’t even kiss me since she was too worried about me, so seeing her undress herself in front of me was really exciting. I missed seeing her silky skin.

She unbuttoned the whole blouse and took it off, remaining in her bra and denim shorts. I swallowed hardly. It’s been over two weeks since I saw her like this, so it made my hormones go crazy.

'Much better.', she stated and smiled, leaned forward, grabbing the ends of my shirt and pulling it over my head. She took a seat next to me on the bed, slowly taking the old bandage off.

It doesn’t hurt a lot, right?’, she asked and I could see sadness in her eyes.

'No, it doesn't. I promise you, it doesn't hurt anymore.', I reassured her once again and she smiled at me. She took the medicinal cream from the cabinet and started applying it on my ribs. Her fingers felt so soft against my skin. She was so gentle I could barely feel her touch.

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Your whole body was trembling. Why were you so nervous? Has the happiness of re-seeing him turned to nervousness? You couldn’t figure it out. Your heart was stuck in your throat and your palms were sweating.

'Is everything alright ________-ssi?', one of MBLAQ’s managers asked you with a worried expression on.

'Y-Yes, I'm just happy to see him again ajussi.', you stuttered and gave him a gentle smile.

'I'm sure that he's dying to see you again _______. When I spoke to him on the phone he wouldn't stop talking about you.'

A little bit of warmth rose to your cheeks. Knowing that Seungho was talking about you to other people was making you feel all bubbly inside.

'Should we get out of the car ________-ssi? I think he's going to appear any minute now.', the manager asked and looked at you.

You nodded and both of you stepped out, leaning onto the car and waiting for them to appear.

Another 4 cars were waiting outside the airport to welcome each member individually. 

You were so happy that you could actually stop hiding in the car this time. MBLAQ’s managers planned a fanmeeting 5 hours from now so all the fans were waiting at the meeting-hall and no soul was in sight at the airport. 

It’s not that Seungho didn’t want to be seen with you, he actually told you a million times to make your relationship public, but you were against it. You knew that he loved you more than anything and that he’d even give up his career for you, but you didn’t want him to make such sacrifices for you. And besides, you didn’t want to look out for lunatic fangirls every time you left the house. You’ve seen too many incidents at the news were sasaeng fans would stalk the idol’s girlfriend, and you didn’t want to put up with that. You would end up hurting one of them because of your temper and nothing good would come out of it. So in the meantime, it was more comfortable for you if you had a secretive relationship.

You were pulled out of your thoughts at the sight of the door sliding open and MBLAQ appearing with more managers by their side. And then, it happened. Seungho’s eyes were looking for you like always. He was searching for you in the same exact place you were always waiting for his arrival, but since he was always accustomed to only seeing the car, when he locked eyes with you a huge smile covered his entire face.

He was wearing the black cap that you gave to him and you could see the watch you really hoped he’d like on his wrist. A spark of happiness and love tickled your heart.

He went ahead of all the other members, in a hurry to hold you.

You smiled as broadly as you could and stretched your arms out, preparing for the lovely hug that you would share.

He approached you and fully embraced your back with his hands, and unexpectedly, he lifted you up a bit and twirled you around one time. A soft gasp sound escaped your throat at the sudden action.

After putting you down, he cupped your face with his hands and leaned his lips extremely close to yours. You hoped that no paparazzi was around.

'I missed you so much jagi.', he said with the same bright smile on. 'So so much.'

You placed your hands on his hands and couldn’t hold back a smile either.

'I missed you too oppa. Really much.', you replied and he leaned his face even closer to yours, locking his lips with yours for a split second until you pushed him away and shook your head.

'Not here Seungho, I don't want us to be seen.', you scolded and grabbed his hand, pulling him onto the backseats of the car.

His manager also stepped it and started the engine.

'Was the flight good Seungho-ya?', the manager asked and turned his head to him.

Seungho then leaned closer to him until his mouth was near his ear.

You frowned confused and pulled him back.

'What did you tell him oppa?', you asked curiously.

'Oh, just to take us home.', he said and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

You covered one of his hands with yours and placed it into your lap, trying to feel him a little bit.

'It seems like the Japan air was good for you oppa. You became even more handsome.', you said with a cheesy voice and giggled.

'Aishhh, would you stop making me feel so embarrassed??’, he asked and scratched the back of his head. 

'It's not my fault that my boyfriend is so pretty!'

You heard the manager huff.

'Ya, ajussi! Don't you dare laugh at me!', you scolded and he was immediately still.

'You always know how to make us men shut up, don't you?', Seungho asked and laughed.

'It's not my fault that you are all behaving like little kids!', you counterattacked and laughed as well.

'Little kids? Really?', Seungho mumbled and leaned his face once again closer to yours. ‘Would a little kid do this?’, he asked and kissed you again, taking your breath away.

His chubby lips were beautifully gliding on yours, making it seem like you were kissing tiny soft clouds. As he placed his hand on one of your cheeks and parted your lips with his tongue, you realized just how much you missed his touch. You couldn’t complain that he was away for too long since only two weeks passed, but you missed him kissing you and saying your name and smiling at you. You missed him unconsciously curling his hand around your waist while he was sleeping and you missed him waking you up every morning with an adorable kiss on the cheek.

The kiss slowed down and your lips parted.

'Promise me that you'll kiss me again.', Seungho said with his forehead glued to yours.

'What are you talking about pabo?', you asked and pouted.

'Just promise me.', he repeated.

'I promise.', you gave in, a little bit confused.

You had no idea what he meant since you were dying to kiss him again as well, but you decided to rest your case.

Then, suddenly, the car stopped and you looked out the window.

'We're here!', the manager said and stopped the engine.

'What are you talking about? We're not there yet.' you said confused.

'Yes, we are.', Seungho said and stepped out of the car, opening the door to your side and pulling you out.

You looked up and saw a gorgeous hotel in front of you which had next to its name 5 golden stars.

'What are we doing here Seungho?', you asked as he leaded you towards the entrance.

'I just wanted to spoil you a little bit before I have to head to the fan-meeting.', he answered and entered the wonderful hotel.

You couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw all the luxury in front of you.

As you got to the counter the woman in charge greeted you in the most polite manner and Seungho took his credit card out.

'Please check us in the biggest, most beautiful room you have for 3 hours.', he said and handed her the card, and in a matter of seconds she did some computer work and handed you the card to your room.

'Please enjoy your stay.', she said and Seungho started walking again, pulling you after him.

The elevator’s doors opened and your stepped in, Seungho pushing the button for the 27th floor.

'You've literally gone crazy!', you said and jokingly slapped his chest. 'How can you do this without noticing me??'

'It had to be a surprise.', he said and wanted to kiss you again, but you pushed him away.

'That's why you whispered to the manager-ajussi, aishh!', you hissed and he giggled.

The doors to the elevator slid open when you got to your floor and Seungho grabbed your hand.

When he opened the door to your room you were blinded by the beauty that the room was offering.

You knew that Seungho was able to afford nice hotel rooms, but the sight you were having in front of you couldn’t even be explained in words.


You took your heels off in a hurry and stepped onto the carpet. You felt as if you were walking on cotton which was massaging your soles.

All the colors in the room were in perfect harmony, complementing each other and making each other more beautiful. The sight of the cherry-colored curtains, chairs and bed-sheets dancing around with the beige and gold nuanced floor and walls were making your eyes sparkle. The room was incredibly big and the enormous white-silk covered windows were pierced through by noon sun rays which were warming up the suite.

'Do you like it?', Seungho asked you with a big grin on his cheeky face and put his keys and watch down next to the fruit cake on the table and hung his grey denim coat on the backrest of one of the chairs.

'If I like it??', you almost shouted out of excitement and ran towards the bed, jumping onto it and landing on a mass of clouds and feathers. 'I LOVE IT.', you exclaimed and giggled, jiggling your arms and legs in the air like a little kid.

'I'm happy you do.', you heard him reply to you.

You hoisted yourself on your elbows and looked at him.

'Oppa, do you often come to such fancy hotels with your members?', you asked him curiously.

'Hmmm..', he mumbled and walked towards the bed, ‘No. Never. This is the first time I’m staying in such a room.’, he finished his thought and laid down next to you, on the side.

'Woahh, really???', you asked shocked.

'Mhm.', he mumbled and slightly nodded. 'I wanted to prepare something really special for you.'

'You're just the sweetest boyfriend on earth!', you said and jumped onto him, forcing him to lay on his back as you hugged him as tightly as you could, planting quick kisses all over his face.

Adorable giggles were escaping his mouth at the sensation of you spoiling him with love.

When you thought that he got enough of your kissing, you looked at him with a big smile on.

'Wanna eat?', you asked.

He shook his head and pouted in disapproval.

'Wanna watch TV?', you threw another option at him.

He shook his head again.

'What do you want to do then oppa?', you asked him and gently caressed one of his eyebrows with your fingertip.

'How about we take a bath together?', he asked cutely.

Half of second after the question was put you never ever had a bigger urge to take a bath in your life.

'That sounds great.', you answered. 'Let's go.'

You stood up, and this time, you were leading him towards the door which was parting the bedroom from the bathroom.

As you walked in, another shock hit you. Just how luxurious was this hotel?


'Are we even on earth anymore Seungho?', you asked and he tittered slightly.

The bathtub was surrounded by a big grit stone surface and the semi-oval window carved on the wall above it was brightening up the whole room in an amazing way.

Seungho walked towards the bathtub and let the tap run, adjusting the water. He took a bottle of bath foam and poured it in.

He turned around at you and smiled.

'Shall we get naked?'

You grinned and were ready to get your top off when he interrupted you.

'No no, wait!', he said and came towards you. 

'What is it?'

'I'm a kid, remember? I can't undress myself.', he said and the smile he had before turned into a smirk.

'Are you serious?', you asked and laughed.

'Dead serious.', he said and took your hands, placing them on his shirt. ‘Go on, undress me.’

You sighed and played his game, pulling his black shirt over his head and throwing it onto the ground.

Your heart increased a beat at the sight of his nude chest and stomach. You really missed seeing him.

You then crouched in front of him and unbuttoned his jeans, your hands trembling a little bit. 

You pulled them down his legs and he stepped out of them. You were now facing his crotch, seeing a bulge in his boxers.

'Do you want me to go on?', you asked him and looked up at him.

'Of course. I have no idea how to take them off myself.', he said and crooked his head on the side, smirking like the cockiest guy alive.

You grabbed the ends of his boxers and pulled them down his muscular legs, making his member spring out of them. You swallowed harder than usually when you stood up and scanned Seungho’s naked body from head to toe. It was getting hotter in the bathroom and you were sure that it wasn’t only due to the steam of the water.

After being spoiled by your hands, Seungho turned around, giving you a full view of his delicious ass and got into the bathtub.

'Oh, so I'm not getting any undressing?', you asked with an annoyed voice and put your hands onto your hips.

'You're a grown woman jagiya, you can undress yourself.', he said and smiled.

'Who are you kidding pabo? You just want a mini-striptease session before I get in there with you.'

'Caught me.', he said and smirked once again. God, why was he smirking so much? It was driving you crazy.

You took your blouse off and threw it on top of his shirt. Sneaking your hands to your back you unhooked your bra, and slowly, just to tease him, you slid the suspenders down your arms and let it fall to the ground.

You unzipped your jeans, and as you leaned down to slide them off you were sure that Seungho was mesmerized by your bouncy breasts.

After getting yourself completely naked and seeing Seungho’s horny expression, you stepped into the bathtub and leaned your back onto his chest.

'Hey hey, someone's got excited for seeing his girlfriend naked.', you said and wiggled your ass against his member which was way harder than before.

'It's not my fault that jagiya is so irresistible.', he said and planted a soft kiss on your bare shoulder.

The foam was surrounding you, filling the entire bathroom with a beautiful soothing perfume.

You shut the tap since the tub was already full and pressed yourself harder against Seungho.

'This is really nice.', he said next to your ear and wrapped his arms around your upper chest part, tickling the side of your neck with his nose.

'It is. I really missed this.', you replied.

'I missed this too.', he said and planted another kiss on your shoulder, but this time, that one kiss was followed by another kiss and another kiss.

His kisses were now exploring the side of your neck and your jawline, turning you on more than you wanted them to.

His hands gently cupped your breasts and squeezed them under the water, making you all tingly.

'Seungho…', you almost whispered and closed your eyes.

'Yes? Do you want me to stop?', he asked but continued his kissing session.

'No. I just wanted to tell you to continue.', you responded and felt his fingertips pinching your nipples and pulling onto them.

His one hand glided down your belly and parted your legs, his other hand still playing with your breast.

'Did you miss this?', he asked and you answered with a moan. 'I really missed this.', he finished his thought and bit your earlobe.

You felt his fingers wandering down your triangle, his index’ fingertip slightly touching your clit, tensing your legs up instantly.

You pressed yourself even harder against his back, rubbing part of your bum against his erect length. His mouth wasn’t leaving your skin, covering you with kisses all over your shoulder, neck and ear.

Seungho’s index and ring fingers parted your labia, exposing your clitoris even more to the warm, comfortable water. With his middle finger, he started to slightly stroke your sensitive spot. You were whimpering his name like crazy from the first seconds he touched you. The water was having a strange effect on you, making the sensation stronger.

When Seungho realized that you adjusted to the feeling, he deepened his touch, applying more pressure with his middle finger. Your moans turned into desperate screams of his wonderful name, and you guessed that hearing you like that turned him on even more since he started biting down your neck.

Not only that, his bites and sucking were desperate. Sexy, wet sounds were created between each bite. It sent chills down your spine hearing him like that, and after he applied even more pressure on your sensitive clit, your orgasm overwhelmed your body and made you spazz inside the water, pressing against Seungho harder and closing your legs together to feel the sweet sensation of the climax better.

Seungho’s hand nonchalantly pulled out from between your legs and rested on one of your thighs.

You were trying to regulate your breathing, and suddenly, the warm water became way too hot for you to bear. You didn’t want this to be it. You wanted more sexual pleasure and you wanted to touch him as well and hear him groan. You really missed him for the last two weeks so your hormones were playing crazy now.

'Jagi…', Seungho almost hummed next to your ear, tickling your lobe with his hot breath.

'Hm?', was the only thing you managed to mumble.

'Remember how you promised me that you would kiss me again?'

One corner of your lips rose up, and slowly, you turned around, kneeling in the bathtub between his legs, facing Seungho and leaning your lips closer to his.

'Not on the lips..', he said right before your mouth would’ve touched his, and he grazed his bottom lip with his teeth.

'Not on the lips?', you asked and huffed.

'I don't want you to kiss me on the lips..', he said and crooked his head to the side, smirking at you with those cocky lips.

'You're a sneaky man, aren't you?', you asked and giggled.

'As if you don't know me best jagiya.', he said and gently caressed your cheek with the back of your palm.

You then told him to get up and sit on the edge of the bathtub on the grit stone, and you placed yourself between his legs, kneeling.

His erect member was pulsating before you, ready to get pleased.

Seungho placed his hands on his sides on the grit stone, sustaining himself, looking down at you with anticipating eyes.

You removed all the foam from his length with your hand and started to slowly rub it, preparing him for the sensation that was yet to come.

You leaned your mouth to his head and kissed the spot where his slit was, feeling how his legs got tense under you.

You twirled your tongue around his head and played around the place where his head was parted from his shaft, since you knew that it was his most sensible spot.

You then took his head inside your head, surrounding it with your soft lips, sucking onto it tenderly and teasing his slit with your tongue.

After teasing his head a little bit more, you slid your mouth down his entire length, feeling its head hit the back of your mouth.

Pre-cum starting to pump out of his slit due to your skillfulness, and you remembered once again just how amazing he tasted.

Just as you accelerated the pace of your ups and downs, you felt Seungho’s hand entangle in your partly-damp hair, gently pulling onto it and massaging your scalp with his fingers.

You felt pride rise in your chest. He loved what you were doing. He was always grabbing your hair when he adored the way you were doing your work.

His veins were inflating and his pre-cum was pumping out more than before. He was near and you wanted him to scream your name.

'S-suck me harder ________.', you heard him say with his breath stuck in his throat.

You did as told, sucking onto him harder and faster, feeling his hair-grip tighten.

'Aaa that's good. Just like that.', you heard Seungho whimper. Whimpers which were followed by loud moans and groans of your name. 

You started using your hand as well, rubbing him and sucking him off at the same time, realizing how crazy that was driving him.

His legs started trembling, and then, he coated your inner cheeks with his delicious, warm juice while yelling out like a mental person.

You swallowed his load and removed your mouth from his soft-getting member.

You looked up at him and licked the remaining traces of him from around your lips.

'S-stop being so damn sexy.', Seungho said, panting heavily.

You then stood up and placed yourself onto his lap, wrapping your hands around his neck.

'We still have about two hours left jagiya. What do you want to do?'

You didn’t answer and pouted.

'Do you wanna eat?', he asked and you shook your head.

'Do you wanna watch TV?', you shook your head again and pouted even harder.

'What do you wanna do then?', he asked and kissed your forehead.

'How about we take another bath together?', you asked and smirked.

He huffed while smiling and looked at you.

'Best idea I've ever heard.', he answered.


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Kinky Seungho for the request: Seungho M/M+: it’s been weeks since you last saw each other do to Japan activities, you meet him up at the airport and he decides to make a little stop at the nearest room he can find before heading out to greet the mass of fans.

(Source: mblaq-stories)

(Ignore the fact that he is in front of a car please.)

'Hurry up!!', you were tugging on Seungho's hand as soon as he entered your apartment, 'I've prepared something fun for tonight!'

He was trying to take off his shoes clumsily as he was being pulled forwards by you.

'You didn't even give me a kiss jagiya when you saw me.', he said with an accusing tone as he finally walked behind you towards your kitchen.

'We'll have time for that later', you said and pulled one chair from the table, telling him to sit.

He was still fully clothed. Sunglasses, hoodie, hat, he hadn’t time to take anything off because of you.

'We're going to play poker tonight oppa.', you said as you pointed at the scattered  cards on the table.

'Oh, really? You know how to play poker?', he asked surprised and was just about to take his sunglasses off when you stopped him.

'I wouldn't do that if I were you, since we're not going to play regular poker.'

Hm?’, he mumbled curiously.

'We're going to play strip poker.', you explained as you also took a seat across from him.

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(Source: mblaq-stories)

'I'm too scared to get in!', you shouted at Seungho as you continued walking along his car.

'Come on _______, I only came here to get you!', he said as he tried to grab your hand through the car window but you pulled away. 'I'm right here next to you, nothing can happen to you!'

Your best friend Seungho was now trying to teach you how to drive a car for months even though he knew how terrified you were of them.

After days and days of denying his offer, you felt like being more spontaneous today than usually so you stopped walking and looked at him.

You always found his mesmerizing with his black bangs gracefully falling upon his forehead and the leather jacket that he was constantly wearing, giving him this bad-boy look.

He stopped the car as soon as you stopped walking and put his hand behind his head, his grey-ish leather bracelet now visible as well.

'Okay then, let's do it!', you told him while clutching your fists.

'Really?? You really want to?', he asked you shocked and happy at the same time.

'Yes! But you have to drive to a secluded place so I'll be sure I won't kill anyone.'


After a nice ride towards a lonely place you finally arrived and switched seats with Seungho.

Slowly, you placed your hands on the wheel as Seungho sat down next to you and placed his hand onto your knee, trying to encourage you.

'Are you ready ________?', he asked you and smiled at you.

'Mhm.', you nodded and tried smiling as well, but he probably could read the fear off your face.

'You really don't have to worry about anything _______. I'm here with you. If anything might happen, I will be here to protect you, so be at ease!', he reassured you for the nth time.

'So what do I have to do first oppa?', you asked him and hardly swallowed.

'Firstly, you have to adjust your seat. Don't you see how uncomfortable you are? There's too much of a distance between you, the wheel and the pedals.'

Slowly, you turned the wheel on the side of your chair, bringing your seat closer to the dashboard of the car. Seungho was right, you were sitting uncomfortable before.

'What's most important, you have to put your belt on __________. It's so risky to drive without a belt.'

You followed his instructions and put your belt on, being a little bit embarrassed though. The belt was placed right between your breasts, making them hard not to notice. You saw Seungho stare at your chest for one second.

'Ya! Where do you think you're looking?!', you shouted and felt turning scarlet.

'N-Nowhere! Where do you think I was looking??', he shouted as well as his cheeks were burning out of embarrassment, 'Aishhh, pabo!'

There was silence between you two until you started talking again.

'And now? What should I do now Seungho?', you asked curiously, still warm though because of the situation some moments ago.

Ummm..’, he mumbled, ‘you have to adjust your mirrors now _________. The one from here,’ he said as he pointed up, ‘and the ones on the side.’

Like an obedient child you followed his instructions perfectly.

'Okay then, now comes the fun part.', he said and placed his hands on top of yours on the wheel. ‘Now you’re going to slowly press on the gas ________.’

'I'm so frightened..', you mumbled almost whispering.

'I know you are, and I understand that.', he said and tightened the grab around your hands for a split second, 'but I'm here for you. I'll always be.'

His words gave you the courage you needed.

'Now, gently press on the gas pedal _________.'

Your foot trembling, you did as told, pressing onto it as slowly as you could, and then, the car suddenly started moving forwards.

You panicked for a second but Seungho’s words calmed you down.

'Don't release the gas pedal now _______, or the car will abruptly stop. You're doing great now. You don't have to panic.', he was telling you.

The car was moving forward and you couldn’t believe it. No one ever convinced you to sit on the drivers seat, not to mention driving a car, but Seungho actually did it.

With his smooth loving words, Seungho made you face your fear.

'You're doing amazing _________.', he was telling you, his hands never leaving yours, 'you can even press harder onto the gas so the car will go faster.'


After almost one hour of just smoothly driving around, Seungho told you to slowly release the gas and press onto the brake.

When the car stopped, a huge wave of happiness engulfed your body.

'You did amazing __________. I'm so proud of you.', Seungho told you and he gently caressed the side of your head.

Like a crazy person, you leaned forwards and locked your lips with his.

The kiss was spontaneous, you never thought of kissing him, but it just felt right at that moment.

His lips didn’t fight yours, they actually adapted to their rhythm and danced with them.

It felt wonderful.

After seconds that felt like years, you broke the kiss, Seungho looking at you with big eyes.

'I-I'm sorry.', you said while stuttering, 'I don't know what has g-gotten into me.'

Surprisingly, he kissed you again.

'Don't ever say you're sorry for kissing me, or the next drive lesson will be expensive.', he said as he was pulling onto your lower lip.

You never felt more happy about a decision you made.


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Request same as title..

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(Source: mblaq-stories)

Like a gentleman, he opened the door for you and you stepped into the restaurant.

'What did I do to deserve such a fancy evening oppa?', you asked Seungho as both of you walked towards the waiter that was already awaiting you.

'Because you always stay by my side no matter how annoying I might be.'

'Do you have a reservation sir?', the nice waiter asked Seungho.

'Yes. Yang Seungho.', he replied and the waiter soon found him on the list.

This way please.’, the waiter showed the two of you the way to your table.

'Doesn't that mean that you should take me out to a luxurious restaurant every single day?', you asked him while walking.

'Ya!', he shouted and smiled at you, ‘stop teasing me!’

You lovingly caressed his arm.

'Please sit down.', the waiter said and pulled both of your chairs.

It was a hot summer evening. The coral-colored, long, sleeveless dress you were wearing was embracing your breasts beautifully. The cleavage was almost invisible, but deep enough to make someone fantasize and wonder. Your hair was wavy, tickling the sides of your neck. Long beautiful turquoise earrings were ocasionally peeking through the strands of your hair. The orange-red lipstick was making your lips glow more than usually.

'Did I tell you how utterly breathtaking you look today?', Seungho asked you and intertwined his fingers, his elbows placed on the table, resting his chin on the back of his palms.

'Only about a thousand times.', you replied and tittered, 'but I never get sick of hearing it.'

You didn’t want Seungho to get too arrogant, so you didn’t tell him how heavenly he looked in your eyes as well. His exotic blazer was making his shoulders look even wider, giving him an even more masculine air. A black simple t-shirt and black pants were molding with his skin. His strawberry-blonde hair spiked up like you loved it, his lips shinier than diamonds.

You were telling yourself that you were sure you never saw such a handsome man in your life.

The dark-blue walls of the restaurant were framing his entire body, making him look like the most beautiful portrait painted by the most talented artist.

As you were daydreaming about your boyfriend, the waiter came again.

'May I take your order? What would you like to drink?', the waiter asked.

'For me water.', Seungho said, 'and for my lady, the best red wine you have.'

The waiter nodded and placed two food menus on your table.

'How could you possibly know what I want to drink?', you asked him and traced your fingers on his.

'Don't I always know what my jagiya wants?', he asked you and chuckled.

It felt like he was seducing you. But you knew that wasn’t his intention. He was only speaking and smiling after all.

>Keep your mind clear _______.<, you were telling yourself.

'I really hope you like it here _______. This is the best restaurant I could find in Seoul.', Seungho then said, interrupting your inner dialogue.

His lips were so shiny when he was speaking. They looked like they were previously licked.

'Are you kidding me? I love it! How could someone not love this building made of pure gold and silver?', you asked rhetorically and kept tracing your fingers over his.

You were together for quite some time now, but the spark between you two didn’t vanish at all. Even light touches like those were still sending chills down your spine. You always saw Seungho’s body as a territory you’d have to explore again and again and again.

'What do you want to eat love?', he asked you and opened one of the menus, not taking his hand from under yours though.

>You, you, you, you, you.<, the word was repeating itself in your mind. 

Dammit, why were you so horny over nothing?

'Choose something delicious for me oppa. I want to try something new!'

'Are you in the mood for some baby ribs?', he then asked as he was fluttering through the menu.

'Look at me Seungho. Do you seriously think I'm dressed for eating baby ribs with my bare hands?', you asked him and smiled with one corner of your lips sarcastically.

'You've got a point there.', he replied and hissed. 'How about some spaghetti with tuna?'

'That sounds a thousand times better!', you answered happily and turned over to the waiter that just came back to your table.

He placed the water and wine before you in the most elegant manner.

'Are you ready to order your meal miss?', the waiter asked you.

'Yes.', you replied and gave him a sincere smile since you felt like he was deserving it, 'Tuna spaghetti, for both of us.'

He bowed again and disappeared just as quick as he appeared.

'That dress really looks amazing on you _______.', Seungho said as he was somehow grazing his fingers against his glass.

'I bet I'd look better without it.', the words escaped your mouth.

>Fuck fuck fuck fuck!!<, was all that occupied your mind at that moment.

His eyebrows lifted and lowered, his lips slightly parting.

'Oh really?', he asked you in a cunning way.

What has gotten into you? Seungho was usually the one who was initiating the naughty talk and the groping. You were always too shy to be the first one to seduce him, so why were your hormones swirling so crazy tonight?

Out of embarrassment, you turned your head away from him.

'I think you never said anything more true in your whole life.', he then said taking you by surprise.

You felt a knot rising to your throat.

You looked back at him as he was taking a sip from his water.

'Do you want me?', he threw the question at you.

The knot was getting bigger suffocating you. You didn’t say anything. You were only staring at him with big eyes.

Then, he removed his hand from yours and stood up, walking towards you and leaning his face to your ear.

'Come to the men's bathroom in 2 minutes.', he whispered and then disappeared.

For about 30 seconds, you stared into the direction he left, your mind blank.

Did he actually propose to you what you thought he had? Your heart was beating against your chest, ready to rip it open.

You couldn’t, right? But you wanted to.

The waiters and rest of the people in the restaurant would sure find it weird both of you going to the bathroom at the same time.

>There’s still some time until the food arrives though..<, you told yourself and bit your lower lip gently, scared some lipstick might get on your teeth.

Clenching your fists, gathering all the courage you were capable off, you stood up from your chair. With slow steps, you headed towards the bathroom.

Was this really happening? You never ever had any kind of sexual intercouse in a public space, especially not in a 5 star restaurant.

But you wanted to. Badly. You weren’t knowing what has gotten into you, but you wanted Seungho more than ever. And the idea of getting caught was thrilling you.

You looked around to see if people were around the bathroom, but luckily, there was no one around so you could sneak into the men’s bathroom unnoticed.

As soon as you stepped in, Seungho’s strong hand pulled you into his embrace.

His heavy body was pushing you towards the sinks, your bum against them. You had to sustain yourself on your hands so Seungho wouldn’t knock you over.

He was cupping your face, kissing you like he never kissed you before.

Your lipstick colored the whole area around his mouth, your perfumes mixing together.

Out of instinct, you pushed him away breathing heavily.

'Someone might come in any second.', you said and looked at him with lustful eyes.

'I don't really care.', he said and came again towards you, but you stopped him. With your palm against his chest you were pushing him into one of the stalls.

'What are you doing?', he asked you, excitement recognizable in his voice.

'Shut up.', you exclaimed with a fierce yet sensual voice and made him sit on the cover of the toilet.

You were drenched and you didn’t even touch him. The idea of naughty intercourse was exciting you to the max.

You kneeled in front of him, not too worried that your dress might get dirty since everything in that restaurant was impeccable.

'What-', he tried to ask again, but before finishing his sentence you already unzipped his pants.

'Let me make you feel good oppa.', you said and licked your lips which weren't as red as before.

You pulled his boxers and pants down to his knees. A beautiful massive erection sprung out, happy due to the freedom you were giving it.

Your behavior wasn’t fitting with the way you were dressed, but you were sure that that was what was enticing Seungho. Such an elegant cute shell, but such a naughty lustful girl hidden inside.

With one lick, you removed all of the precum from his head. 

His thighs twitched, and he was trying to keep his hands besides his body.

You were teasing him. You were only licking his head without taking it in whole. 

You were playing with the tip of your tongue around his slit. With the help of your hand, you were pushing his foreskin up and down, hoping that it was pleasuring him.

'P-Please..', he was begging, ‘suck me..’

At once, you took his head into your mouth, sucking as hard on it as you could. Groans were escaping his throat, but he was desperately trying to hold them in.

Slowly, you started moving your head up and down, massaging his length with your inner cheeks.

'Oh my god..oh my god..', he was whispering with a hoarse sexy voice.

Since you couldn’t take his whole member in, you were still rubbing his lower part with your hand.

Wet hot sounds were created while you were sucking him, killing him even more.

'J-Jagi, I'm not lasting much l-longer..', he was clearly struggling to get some words out.

For a second you stopped.

'Nothing's stopping you.'

You continued pleasuring him, his taste taking you over the edge.

'J-Jagi', was the last thing he said before his member started pulsating against your inner cheeks and his delicious load exploded in your mouth.

After he climaxed, you slowly lifted your head and swallowed.

His look was fixated on you, and to tease him even more, you licked your lips.

'T-That was..', he was trying to regulate his breathing, 't-that was amazing.'

You stood up and so did he, pulling you close to him.

'My turn now.', he said and tried kissing you.

'No.', you turned away. He was confused.

'This was for you. I wanted to pleasure you oppa. I can fuck you all I want when we get home.', you said and smirked.

'Arrasso..', he smirked as well and zipped his pants, gently kissing your cheek afterwards.

Slowly, you peeked out of the stall to see if someone was there, and one by one, you walked out of the bathroom.

Seconds after you sat down again, the waiter arrived with the food.

Both of you were still excited from your encounter.

The waiter put the plates full of delicious food on the table, and then looked at Seungho.

'Perhaps the gentleman needs a handkerchief?', he asked hinting at Seungho’s red mouth.


This is for the request ‘Seungho - when you really want to have sex with him but you’re too shy to ask for it openly (M)’. I don’t know if it fitted perfectly, but this is the best I could come up with.

Had so much fun writing this! So much fun putting myself into the position of being shy hehe. That was really a nice experience. ^//^

Hope you guys like it as well and send me many many messages!!

Enjoy! Lots of love, C. xx

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