(Ignore the fact that he is in front of a car please.)

'Hurry up!!', you were tugging on Seungho's hand as soon as he entered your apartment, 'I've prepared something fun for tonight!'

He was trying to take off his shoes clumsily as he was being pulled forwards by you.

'You didn't even give me a kiss jagiya when you saw me.', he said with an accusing tone as he finally walked behind you towards your kitchen.

'We'll have time for that later', you said and pulled one chair from the table, telling him to sit.

He was still fully clothed. Sunglasses, hoodie, hat, he hadn’t time to take anything off because of you.

'We're going to play poker tonight oppa.', you said as you pointed at the scattered  cards on the table.

'Oh, really? You know how to play poker?', he asked surprised and was just about to take his sunglasses off when you stopped him.

'I wouldn't do that if I were you, since we're not going to play regular poker.'

Hm?’, he mumbled curiously.

'We're going to play strip poker.', you explained as you also took a seat across from him.

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'I'm too scared to get in!', you shouted at Seungho as you continued walking along his car.

'Come on _______, I only came here to get you!', he said as he tried to grab your hand through the car window but you pulled away. 'I'm right here next to you, nothing can happen to you!'

Your best friend Seungho was now trying to teach you how to drive a car for months even though he knew how terrified you were of them.

After days and days of denying his offer, you felt like being more spontaneous today than usually so you stopped walking and looked at him.

You always found his mesmerizing with his black bangs gracefully falling upon his forehead and the leather jacket that he was constantly wearing, giving him this bad-boy look.

He stopped the car as soon as you stopped walking and put his hand behind his head, his grey-ish leather bracelet now visible as well.

'Okay then, let's do it!', you told him while clutching your fists.

'Really?? You really want to?', he asked you shocked and happy at the same time.

'Yes! But you have to drive to a secluded place so I'll be sure I won't kill anyone.'


After a nice ride towards a lonely place you finally arrived and switched seats with Seungho.

Slowly, you placed your hands on the wheel as Seungho sat down next to you and placed his hand onto your knee, trying to encourage you.

'Are you ready ________?', he asked you and smiled at you.

'Mhm.', you nodded and tried smiling as well, but he probably could read the fear off your face.

'You really don't have to worry about anything _______. I'm here with you. If anything might happen, I will be here to protect you, so be at ease!', he reassured you for the nth time.

'So what do I have to do first oppa?', you asked him and hardly swallowed.

'Firstly, you have to adjust your seat. Don't you see how uncomfortable you are? There's too much of a distance between you, the wheel and the pedals.'

Slowly, you turned the wheel on the side of your chair, bringing your seat closer to the dashboard of the car. Seungho was right, you were sitting uncomfortable before.

'What's most important, you have to put your belt on __________. It's so risky to drive without a belt.'

You followed his instructions and put your belt on, being a little bit embarrassed though. The belt was placed right between your breasts, making them hard not to notice. You saw Seungho stare at your chest for one second.

'Ya! Where do you think you're looking?!', you shouted and felt turning scarlet.

'N-Nowhere! Where do you think I was looking??', he shouted as well as his cheeks were burning out of embarrassment, 'Aishhh, pabo!'

There was silence between you two until you started talking again.

'And now? What should I do now Seungho?', you asked curiously, still warm though because of the situation some moments ago.

Ummm..’, he mumbled, ‘you have to adjust your mirrors now _________. The one from here,’ he said as he pointed up, ‘and the ones on the side.’

Like an obedient child you followed his instructions perfectly.

'Okay then, now comes the fun part.', he said and placed his hands on top of yours on the wheel. ‘Now you’re going to slowly press on the gas ________.’

'I'm so frightened..', you mumbled almost whispering.

'I know you are, and I understand that.', he said and tightened the grab around your hands for a split second, 'but I'm here for you. I'll always be.'

His words gave you the courage you needed.

'Now, gently press on the gas pedal _________.'

Your foot trembling, you did as told, pressing onto it as slowly as you could, and then, the car suddenly started moving forwards.

You panicked for a second but Seungho’s words calmed you down.

'Don't release the gas pedal now _______, or the car will abruptly stop. You're doing great now. You don't have to panic.', he was telling you.

The car was moving forward and you couldn’t believe it. No one ever convinced you to sit on the drivers seat, not to mention driving a car, but Seungho actually did it.

With his smooth loving words, Seungho made you face your fear.

'You're doing amazing _________.', he was telling you, his hands never leaving yours, 'you can even press harder onto the gas so the car will go faster.'


After almost one hour of just smoothly driving around, Seungho told you to slowly release the gas and press onto the brake.

When the car stopped, a huge wave of happiness engulfed your body.

'You did amazing __________. I'm so proud of you.', Seungho told you and he gently caressed the side of your head.

Like a crazy person, you leaned forwards and locked your lips with his.

The kiss was spontaneous, you never thought of kissing him, but it just felt right at that moment.

His lips didn’t fight yours, they actually adapted to their rhythm and danced with them.

It felt wonderful.

After seconds that felt like years, you broke the kiss, Seungho looking at you with big eyes.

'I-I'm sorry.', you said while stuttering, 'I don't know what has g-gotten into me.'

Surprisingly, he kissed you again.

'Don't ever say you're sorry for kissing me, or the next drive lesson will be expensive.', he said as he was pulling onto your lower lip.

You never felt more happy about a decision you made.


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Like a gentleman, he opened the door for you and you stepped into the restaurant.

'What did I do to deserve such a fancy evening oppa?', you asked Seungho as both of you walked towards the waiter that was already awaiting you.

'Because you always stay by my side no matter how annoying I might be.'

'Do you have a reservation sir?', the nice waiter asked Seungho.

'Yes. Yang Seungho.', he replied and the waiter soon found him on the list.

This way please.’, the waiter showed the two of you the way to your table.

'Doesn't that mean that you should take me out to a luxurious restaurant every single day?', you asked him while walking.

'Ya!', he shouted and smiled at you, ‘stop teasing me!’

You lovingly caressed his arm.

'Please sit down.', the waiter said and pulled both of your chairs.

It was a hot summer evening. The coral-colored, long, sleeveless dress you were wearing was embracing your breasts beautifully. The cleavage was almost invisible, but deep enough to make someone fantasize and wonder. Your hair was wavy, tickling the sides of your neck. Long beautiful turquoise earrings were ocasionally peeking through the strands of your hair. The orange-red lipstick was making your lips glow more than usually.

'Did I tell you how utterly breathtaking you look today?', Seungho asked you and intertwined his fingers, his elbows placed on the table, resting his chin on the back of his palms.

'Only about a thousand times.', you replied and tittered, 'but I never get sick of hearing it.'

You didn’t want Seungho to get too arrogant, so you didn’t tell him how heavenly he looked in your eyes as well. His exotic blazer was making his shoulders look even wider, giving him an even more masculine air. A black simple t-shirt and black pants were molding with his skin. His strawberry-blonde hair spiked up like you loved it, his lips shinier than diamonds.

You were telling yourself that you were sure you never saw such a handsome man in your life.

The dark-blue walls of the restaurant were framing his entire body, making him look like the most beautiful portrait painted by the most talented artist.

As you were daydreaming about your boyfriend, the waiter came again.

'May I take your order? What would you like to drink?', the waiter asked.

'For me water.', Seungho said, 'and for my lady, the best red wine you have.'

The waiter nodded and placed two food menus on your table.

'How could you possibly know what I want to drink?', you asked him and traced your fingers on his.

'Don't I always know what my jagiya wants?', he asked you and chuckled.

It felt like he was seducing you. But you knew that wasn’t his intention. He was only speaking and smiling after all.

>Keep your mind clear _______.<, you were telling yourself.

'I really hope you like it here _______. This is the best restaurant I could find in Seoul.', Seungho then said, interrupting your inner dialogue.

His lips were so shiny when he was speaking. They looked like they were previously licked.

'Are you kidding me? I love it! How could someone not love this building made of pure gold and silver?', you asked rhetorically and kept tracing your fingers over his.

You were together for quite some time now, but the spark between you two didn’t vanish at all. Even light touches like those were still sending chills down your spine. You always saw Seungho’s body as a territory you’d have to explore again and again and again.

'What do you want to eat love?', he asked you and opened one of the menus, not taking his hand from under yours though.

>You, you, you, you, you.<, the word was repeating itself in your mind. 

Dammit, why were you so horny over nothing?

'Choose something delicious for me oppa. I want to try something new!'

'Are you in the mood for some baby ribs?', he then asked as he was fluttering through the menu.

'Look at me Seungho. Do you seriously think I'm dressed for eating baby ribs with my bare hands?', you asked him and smiled with one corner of your lips sarcastically.

'You've got a point there.', he replied and hissed. 'How about some spaghetti with tuna?'

'That sounds a thousand times better!', you answered happily and turned over to the waiter that just came back to your table.

He placed the water and wine before you in the most elegant manner.

'Are you ready to order your meal miss?', the waiter asked you.

'Yes.', you replied and gave him a sincere smile since you felt like he was deserving it, 'Tuna spaghetti, for both of us.'

He bowed again and disappeared just as quick as he appeared.

'That dress really looks amazing on you _______.', Seungho said as he was somehow grazing his fingers against his glass.

'I bet I'd look better without it.', the words escaped your mouth.

>Fuck fuck fuck fuck!!<, was all that occupied your mind at that moment.

His eyebrows lifted and lowered, his lips slightly parting.

'Oh really?', he asked you in a cunning way.

What has gotten into you? Seungho was usually the one who was initiating the naughty talk and the groping. You were always too shy to be the first one to seduce him, so why were your hormones swirling so crazy tonight?

Out of embarrassment, you turned your head away from him.

'I think you never said anything more true in your whole life.', he then said taking you by surprise.

You felt a knot rising to your throat.

You looked back at him as he was taking a sip from his water.

'Do you want me?', he threw the question at you.

The knot was getting bigger suffocating you. You didn’t say anything. You were only staring at him with big eyes.

Then, he removed his hand from yours and stood up, walking towards you and leaning his face to your ear.

'Come to the men's bathroom in 2 minutes.', he whispered and then disappeared.

For about 30 seconds, you stared into the direction he left, your mind blank.

Did he actually propose to you what you thought he had? Your heart was beating against your chest, ready to rip it open.

You couldn’t, right? But you wanted to.

The waiters and rest of the people in the restaurant would sure find it weird both of you going to the bathroom at the same time.

>There’s still some time until the food arrives though..<, you told yourself and bit your lower lip gently, scared some lipstick might get on your teeth.

Clenching your fists, gathering all the courage you were capable off, you stood up from your chair. With slow steps, you headed towards the bathroom.

Was this really happening? You never ever had any kind of sexual intercouse in a public space, especially not in a 5 star restaurant.

But you wanted to. Badly. You weren’t knowing what has gotten into you, but you wanted Seungho more than ever. And the idea of getting caught was thrilling you.

You looked around to see if people were around the bathroom, but luckily, there was no one around so you could sneak into the men’s bathroom unnoticed.

As soon as you stepped in, Seungho’s strong hand pulled you into his embrace.

His heavy body was pushing you towards the sinks, your bum against them. You had to sustain yourself on your hands so Seungho wouldn’t knock you over.

He was cupping your face, kissing you like he never kissed you before.

Your lipstick colored the whole area around his mouth, your perfumes mixing together.

Out of instinct, you pushed him away breathing heavily.

'Someone might come in any second.', you said and looked at him with lustful eyes.

'I don't really care.', he said and came again towards you, but you stopped him. With your palm against his chest you were pushing him into one of the stalls.

'What are you doing?', he asked you, excitement recognizable in his voice.

'Shut up.', you exclaimed with a fierce yet sensual voice and made him sit on the cover of the toilet.

You were drenched and you didn’t even touch him. The idea of naughty intercourse was exciting you to the max.

You kneeled in front of him, not too worried that your dress might get dirty since everything in that restaurant was impeccable.

'What-', he tried to ask again, but before finishing his sentence you already unzipped his pants.

'Let me make you feel good oppa.', you said and licked your lips which weren't as red as before.

You pulled his boxers and pants down to his knees. A beautiful massive erection sprung out, happy due to the freedom you were giving it.

Your behavior wasn’t fitting with the way you were dressed, but you were sure that that was what was enticing Seungho. Such an elegant cute shell, but such a naughty lustful girl hidden inside.

With one lick, you removed all of the precum from his head. 

His thighs twitched, and he was trying to keep his hands besides his body.

You were teasing him. You were only licking his head without taking it in whole. 

You were playing with the tip of your tongue around his slit. With the help of your hand, you were pushing his foreskin up and down, hoping that it was pleasuring him.

'P-Please..', he was begging, ‘suck me..’

At once, you took his head into your mouth, sucking as hard on it as you could. Groans were escaping his throat, but he was desperately trying to hold them in.

Slowly, you started moving your head up and down, massaging his length with your inner cheeks.

'Oh my god..oh my god..', he was whispering with a hoarse sexy voice.

Since you couldn’t take his whole member in, you were still rubbing his lower part with your hand.

Wet hot sounds were created while you were sucking him, killing him even more.

'J-Jagi, I'm not lasting much l-longer..', he was clearly struggling to get some words out.

For a second you stopped.

'Nothing's stopping you.'

You continued pleasuring him, his taste taking you over the edge.

'J-Jagi', was the last thing he said before his member started pulsating against your inner cheeks and his delicious load exploded in your mouth.

After he climaxed, you slowly lifted your head and swallowed.

His look was fixated on you, and to tease him even more, you licked your lips.

'T-That was..', he was trying to regulate his breathing, 't-that was amazing.'

You stood up and so did he, pulling you close to him.

'My turn now.', he said and tried kissing you.

'No.', you turned away. He was confused.

'This was for you. I wanted to pleasure you oppa. I can fuck you all I want when we get home.', you said and smirked.

'Arrasso..', he smirked as well and zipped his pants, gently kissing your cheek afterwards.

Slowly, you peeked out of the stall to see if someone was there, and one by one, you walked out of the bathroom.

Seconds after you sat down again, the waiter arrived with the food.

Both of you were still excited from your encounter.

The waiter put the plates full of delicious food on the table, and then looked at Seungho.

'Perhaps the gentleman needs a handkerchief?', he asked hinting at Seungho’s red mouth.


This is for the request ‘Seungho - when you really want to have sex with him but you’re too shy to ask for it openly (M)’. I don’t know if it fitted perfectly, but this is the best I could come up with.

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His palms were still cupping your cheeks covered by already dried tears, his tongue parting your lips and dominating your mouth.

After delicious seconds that you wished would’ve never ended, his lips left yours.

His eyes opened. You could see nervosity and angst in them.

Not controlling yourself, you leaned towards him and kissed him again. You didn’t want it to end. You wanted to feel him against you as much as possible.

His shivering hands lowered down your back to your waist. 

Since you were prepared this time, you wrapped your arms around his neck and took control over his mouth.

Your warm tongue was gliding over his as one of your hands was taking his hood off.

As his grab around your waist tightened, you bit down his lower lip sensually and pulled on it. 

A hiss escaped his mouth, but it was a sensual hiss. You were sure he liked it, so you repeated the action.

Both of your eyes were fully closed with pleasure.

Suddenly, he turned you around, and with the help of his body, he pushed you backwards until you felt the cold wall against your back.

His lips once again left yours, his head lowering as his teeth gently bit on the side of your neck.

God, it felt heavenly.

As he was kissing your soft skin, one of his hands was gracefully caressing your bare shoulder, his fingertips sometimes tickling your collarbones.

Then, he stopped. 

Your eyes opened in shock.

He was looking at you with a desperate expression.

'I can't do this ________.', he said and turned around, moving towards the door.

You walked after him and hugged him from behind, your palms resting on his chest.

'Don't go!', you shouted hugging him even tighter.

'I have to.', he said and sighed, ‘I don’t want you to regret this tomorrow.’

'What makes you think that I'm going to regret this Seungho?', you asked as your words came out muffled since you were pressing your cheek against his back.

'I like you ________. I like you so much. I don't want you to do this with me only because you feel lonely at the moment.'

At light speed, you let go of him and slapped his back. ‘Yah!’, you shouted angrily, ‘do you really not know me at all?!’

He turned around surprised.

'Do you really think I'd let a guy kiss me only because I feel lonely? I wanted to break up with Junhyung for a long time either way. Those were tears of relief, not of sadness!', you said and bit your lower lip. 'These are tears of sadness,', you pointed at the tears that were now rolling down your cheeks, 'I'm now sad because of you Seungho, because you won't recognize my feelings. Do you think you're the only one who's in love here?'

His lips slightly parted out of shock.

'I-I just didn't say anything sooner because I didn't want to ruin our friendship! But I'm crazy about you you fool!'

He moved so fast towards you you couldn’t even see his steps. Again, he cupped your face, and just like the first time, he wiped your tears away.

'I'm an idiot. Forgive me please.'

'You're lucky today.', you said and pouted.

'May I kiss you again?', he asked and smiled with his eyes.

You nodded while pouting.

'Stop being so cute already.', was the last thing he said before your lips met again.

Your bodies were close together, your hearts beating in unison.

Not wasting any more time, he lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around him.

The way towards your bedroom felt like eternity.

He practically threw you onto your silk bed, placing himself on top of you.

His hand was searching for your breasts as he started to kiss down your neck once again.

Even though he was touching you through the material of the dress, it still felt amazing. Hotness isn’t a strong enough word to explain what you were feeling.

You had a tight sleeveless dress on, so Seungho couldn’t just pull it down.

Attacking your mouth again, he placed his hand onto your back and lifted you up a bit. 

He was circling his hands all around your back and you were wondering what he was trying to do.

'Where's that freaking zipper?', he whispered angrily.

'On the side pabo!', you said and giggled.

The warmth of his palms left your back and went to your right side.

'On the left!', you giggled again.

A frustrated groan escaped his mouth.

His fingers finally got a grab of the zipper and started pulling it down, but then, it stopped.

'What's wrong with this damn dress? Getting in the way of us!', he exclaimed angrily.

'You have to be gentle about it!', you replied and slapped his hands away, unzipping your dress yourself.

He then pulled the dress down your legs as fast as he could.

You wrapped your hands around his neck again. 

'Good thing we're friends for a long time Seungho, if not, this would've been really awkward as our first time.'

'Hopefully this will make it up for my clumsiness.', he said as he crawled his hand down your panties, touching your throbbing crotch.

Out of instinct, you unwrapped your hands and grabbed the sheets letting a moan out.

While his fingertips were pleasuring your clit, he easily unclasped your bra from the front and took it down.

For a moment, you felt his fingers leaving your womanhood feeling disappointed, but after taking his hoodie and shirt off, he made you feel amazing again.

He took one of your hard nipples into his mouth, sucking on it and tracing circles around it with his tongue.

'Stop.', you suddenly said and lifted his face towards you.

His blonde hair was looking so good on him. You were mad at yourself for not realizing how madly beautiful Seungho was from the first day you met him.

'I want you. Now.', you said and a smirk covered his face.

'Understood.', he replied and unzipped his pants, letting you see his member poking through his boxers.

You licked your lips sensually. You couldn’t wait for what was going to happen to you.

Before removing his boxers, he firstly took your panties off.

Now, you were both fully naked.

'You're so beautiful.', you both said at the exact same moment.

A lovely giggle filled the room as he leaned towards you again, parting your legs with his knee.

No teasing was involved. He carefully pushed his member into you making sure you weren’t hurting.

At that moment, you realized what pure feelings Seungho was housing for you. His gentle touches, his loving kisses, his rhythm, everything was showing you how much he was caring for you.

Did he suffer for a long time? Was he keeping all that pain and jealousy inside without letting you know anything?

It must’ve been heartbreaking for him when you were telling him about every naughty night you experienced with Junhyung.

Though, he wanted you to be happy. So even if you being happy meant him being miserable, he accepted it. Because he loved you that much.

Your orgasm came quickly. The way his length was penetrating you was incredible. You never felt so good in your life.

You filled your room with his name. 

It didn’t take long for him to orgasm either. After a few more thrusts, he pulled out of you and ejaculated on his belly.

He threw himself onto his back, breathing heavily.

Like a sly cat, you climbed on top of him and gently kissed his lips.

'I'm going to clean you up now.', you said in your sexiest voice and lowered yourself on him.

’_________, you don’t have to!’, he said somewhat scared. 'You really don't have to!'

'Will you shut up already? I want to do this.', that was all it took to make him shut up.

Your tongue was circling around his belly, tasting every last drop of his semen. He tasted damn good.

'Damn. Damn. Damn.', he was continously repeating as he was watching you. The sight must’ve been abnormally sensual for him.

After finishing, you looked down and saw his member stiffer than before.

'Are you ready for another round love?', you asked him and bit your lower lip as you sat on his legs.


You nodded.


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'I'm so sorry for what I said yesterday jagiya! I was drunk and all this stress accumulated in Japan mixed with my jealousy made me explode. Please forgive me.'

'Oh don't worry Junhyung. It's not like I'd stay angry at someone who's not my boyfriend.'

'MWEO? What do you mean by that??'

'That we're not together anymore!'

'I said I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said yesterday!'

'You should've known everything's over as soon as the word whore escaped your mouth.'

Please _______, -‘

Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep.


'Aigooo, dinner was so delicious!', you said happily as you sat down on the carpet next to your mini-table, trying to somehow make yourself comfortable in the tight dress you were wearing.

'Are you sure you're okay _______?', Seungho asked you somewhat worried and sat down as well, his hood still covering his blonde hair.

'Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be?'

'You broke up with Junhyung yesterday. I wouldn't have thought you'd be in the mood to go eat with me. I was thinking you'd hide yourself in your couch eating ice-cream and watching sad dramas.'

'Oh c'mon!', you snapped and lightly slapped his arm. 'You know me better than that oppa! We're friends for years now. You know I wouldn't sob over a guy who was disrespectful towards me.'

'Yes, that's true. That's the kind of girl _______ is.', he replied and chuckled.

Then, you heard a knock on the door. You didn’t expect anyone so late.

’_______, it’s me. Please open up!’, you recognized your ex boyfriend’s voice.

'Aishhh, that guy!', Seungho hissed and stood up, ready to go open the door.

'Stay here!', you exclaimed in the most commanding voice you were capable of, 'I'm going to handle him.'

'Are you sure _______?’, you nodded, 'If anything happens, if he gets too stupid just shout my name, okay?'

'Please _______, open up!', Junhyung pleaded again.

You went towards the door and opened it, and before stepping out, you were sure, Seungho and Junhyung locked eyes for a moment.

'What do you want?', you said in a bored voice as you crossed your arms above your stomach.

'I see you have company?', Junhyung asked rhetorically and huffed.

'So what about it?'

'I thought you wouldn't be as outgoing after a break-up. But it seems I was wrong.'

You didn’t say anything, trying to keep on an annoyed expression.

'I came back from Japan as soon as I could _______. I couldn't sleep knowing that you broke up with me.', he walked towards you and placed his hands on your arms. 'Please take me back! I swear I didn't mean those things I said!'

You slapped his hands away.

'It doesn't matter that you didn't mean them Junhyung. You called me a whore and other insulting names. It was the first time I actually talked to you when you were drunk. What would happen if we'd be face to face and you'd be drunk Junhyung? I can't possibly take that risk. What if some night you'd drink too much, I'd annoy you with something and then you'd get a little bit too angry?'

'I wouldn't eve-'

'But there's the possibility, isn't there?', you raised your eyebrow. 'And there are many more reasons for our break-up, so don't think that's the only one.'

He sighed deeply.

'So it wasn't only my impression that you kind of lost interest in our relationship?'

You remained silent.

'As they say, silence says more than a thousand words..', you could see that his eyes were shimmering. 'I tried it one last time, even though I kind of knew the outcome. I just didn't want to regret my whole life that I might’ve lost the chance to be with you _________.’

You lowered your hands besides your body.

'I hope you'll be happy ________. Please ask Seungho to take care of you like he always did. I know he always cheered you up when we two fought.'

'He will take care of me even if I won't tell him a thing, don't you worry about that.'

'I see.', he said and sighed. 'Hopefully we'll meet sometime coincidentally on the street and laugh this of.'

'Hopefully.', you replied and gave him a slight smile. 'Have a good life Junhyung.'

'You too ________.', were his last words before going down the staircase.

Your heart stuck in your throat, you opened the door to your apartment and stepped back in.

Seungho was already waiting for you with his arms stretched out.

Like an innocent child, tears started rolling down your cheeks, and as fast as you could, you ran into his embrace.

'It's okay ______. You did great.', he was whispering with a comforting voice as he was patting your head.

You were sure you drowned his hoodie with your tears, but you didn’t care.

It felt so good to have someone you could trust so much.

When you finally got a grip of yourself, Seungho cupped your face and wiped your remaining tears with his thumbs away.

'Everything's gonna be okay silly. You still have me, don't you?', he said and kissed your cheek.

Then, still cupping your face, he looked at you, giving you the most gentle smile.

It felt like years since you were only looking into each others eyes.

And then, he kissed you. It felt like your lips were molding with his.


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(Source: mblaq-stories)

Was it always so hard to walk up the staircase to your apartment?

Probably not, but you were more tired today than any other day.

Firstly, your boss overworked you for almost 10 hours, and secondly, Seungho told you that he couldn’t meet up with you tonight since he had tight schedules.

You were sure your evening couldn’t get worse.

Finally, the last step.

Annoyed, you started searching for your key in your bag.

After seconds that felt like eternity, you finally found it. You just wanted to throw yourself on your bed and fall asleep.

You put the key in the lock. Strangely, the key wouldn’t budge.

Slowly, you pushed the knob and the door opened.

'Oppa, are you here?', you shouted from the threshold.

'Finally!', you heard Seungho’s familiar voice getting closer to you, ‘I’ve waited for such a long time for you!’

He gave you a tight hug and a big kiss.

'Why did you lie to me oppa?', you said and pouted, stomping on the floor like a little child, 'I was so sad today when you told me you couldn't make it!'

'Please forgive me?', he said as he gave you another hug, 'But I wanted to surprise you!'

You shuddered and smiled. Your day just went from bad to amazing.

'I'm only forgiving you this time!', you said and smiled again.

'Got it!', he said happily and helped you take your coat off. ‘I prepared something for you.’

He walked towards your living room and waited outside of it with a childish expression.

He intertwined his fingers and was smiling while looking down. 

He was anticipating your reaction.

Curiously, you stepped into the living room and there you saw it.

In the corner, the table was full with fruits.

'Woahh, oppa, did you do all of this??', you asked nicely surprised as you walked towards it.

Pineapple, melon, strawberries, raspberries and grapes were decorating the table beautifully. Two bowls full of whipped cream and a tube that was probably half empty were crowding the table as well.

It seemed like all your fatigue faded away.

'I told the boys I had something to do and went away earlier. I wanted my jagiya to be happy when she gets home.', he said as he came next to you. 

'I love it!', you exclaimed and jumped up and down. 'Can we eat now?'

'Of course!', he said as he pulled the chair for you and told you to sit down. 

Refreshing yummy fruits were all you needed to forget everything about your crappy day.

You took a slice of pineapple and dipped it in cream.

'So good!', you said with your mouth full and smiled.

'Try this.', Seungho said as he was bringing a gigantic raspberry towards your mouth. 

'Soooo gooood!', you said and closed your eyes, trying to taste it even better.

'I want to feed you as well oppa!', you said and took a piece of melon.

Like an obedient child, Seungho opened his mouth and closed his eyes waiting for the treat. Just as you were giving him the piece of fruit, he gently bit your finger startling you.

'Hehehehehehe.', Seungho was laughing at your surprised expression. ‘It’s even yummier when it comes from you jagiya!’.

Pouting, you took a grape and brought it towards Seungho’s mouth once again. Just as he was ready to eat it, you pulled your hand away and ate it yourself.

'Woahhh, jagiya is so mean today!', he said as he was half-smiling, half-frowning.

'Serves you right!', you said and stuck your tongue at him.

At light speed, he dipped his finger in cream and smeared it over your cheek.

With your mouth open out of shock, you looked at Seungho.

He was laughing like you never saw him laugh before.

But you weren’t mad. An idea crossed your mind.

'You have to clean me up now, you know that, right?'

Not saying anything, Seungho leaned towards you and licked your cheek.

Just what you expected.

'Good boy.', you said as you handed him another piece of pineapple.

Then, again, he dipped his finger into the cream and smeared it over the side of your neck.

'Do I have to clean it again?', he asked and licked his lower lip.

'Of course!'. you said fiercefully.

Then, he pulled you up from your chair and made you sit on his lap.

'I can do my job better this way.', he said as he swayed your hair away and licked the side of your neck.

Damn, did the situation switch from cute to sexy in a matter of seconds.

You stretched over the table and took the tube of cream.

With a skilfull hand movement you sprayed some of it on Seungho’s lips.

Not even saying anything anymore, you attacked his lips with yours. You didn’t want to let any trace of cream on his luscious mouth.

Now you could really imply that his lips tasted like sugar.

Breaking the kiss, you placed the tube back on the table and took a piece of melon between your teeth.

You leaned your face towards Seungho’s and he instantly caught the bait.

Half of your piece was soon gone and your lips again locked.

You never thought that kisses could be so sweet.

Seungho’s hands crawled under your shirt onto your silky back. 

You were loving how the situation changed.

In a hurry, you unbottened his blue-greyish shirt and you heard it fall behind his chair.

It didn’t took him long to take care of your blouse and bra either.

Luckily, you were wearing a skirt today so the effort was halved.

Before taking his striped shirt off, you slid your hands under it and teased his nipples with your fingers.

The sounds that were escaping his throat were more than sexy. 

His skin felt like it was burning under your touch. It was nice to know that he was as excited as yourself about the whole situation.

Since your skirt wasn’t too long, your bum was soon exposed as he cupped your buttcheeks and squeezed them.

You straightened your back and threw your head back.

Instantly, Seungho’s lips attacked your erect nipples. His tongue was circling around your nipple with so much swiftness.

When he was sucking or gently biting on them, you were moaning his name in such a seductive voice it was stirring him to be even rougher.

Gently, you cupped his face and kissed him once again.

You couldn’t get enough of his mouth.

Not breaking the kiss, you lifted yourself a little bit up and unzipped his black jeans. Both of your bodies in harmony, you easily slid his pants and boxers down to his knees.

Seungho didn’t even have enough patience to take your panties off. He just slid the material to the side and placed you on top of his throbbing member.

Impatient as well, you lowered yourself onto his length, looking Seungho directly into his eyes.

Even if your last sexual experience was a couple of days ago, it felt like eternity, so feeling him again in you was heavenly.

His hands were still cupping your ass, helping you lowering and lifting yourself on his member just the right way.

Both of your breathings were unstable. You were sure Seungho could hear your heart beating.

His eyes were full of lust and pleasure. 

The depth of his eyes that were telling you how much he was enjoying himself was always your second favorite highlight for you while riding him.

You wanted him to feel even better, so you were clutching your inner muscles at every thrust.

You could tell your tightness was too much for him, so his member was soon pulsating against your walls.

You increased your speed even more.

His load filled you up in the most amazing way.

You felt a thousand times wetter and hotter than before.

Seungho’s hands fell motionless next to his body. He was looking at the ceiling trying to regulate his breathing.

You sat up and dipped your finger in one of the bowls.

'More cream?', you asked him and smiled.

He chuckled and stood up.

'I'm in the mood for something saltier to be honest.', he said as he slid his hand down your belly towards your still aching womanhood.


So the request was ‘seungho and food and it should be smutty’ so I tried my best lol.

Hope you guys like it. Send me many many messages. :3 hehehe

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(Source: mblaq-stories)

Almost everyone has already left.

You, your best friend Beverly and Seungho were the last ones remaining.

Eli, Hyorin, Jiyun, Dongwoo and the other idols that were invited to Seungho’s mini-party were long gone.

You had incredibly much fun.

Beverly tried to accustom you to this idol life for 3 months now, but it seemed like you were still amazed by everything.

Since Beverly became one of MBLAQ’s new managers a few months ago, she and Seungho became good buddies. On top of that, she acquainted you to many other stars besides MBLAQ. She knew how passionate you were about Korean Pop, so she couldn’t not take you almost everywhere with her.

Since the first day you met the BLAQies, you had a special liking for Seungho. When he’d speak to you, you weren’t even concentrating on what he was saying. His plump lips were too mesmerizing.

But over the months, you became good friends.

'Come on ________, we have to go now. It's pretty late!', Beverly told you as she tried to pull you by the arm.

'NOOOOO.', you shouted and jerked your arm away, 'I'm all alone in my apartment if I go now! I wanna stay a little bit more!'

Like an annoyed mother, she sighed deeply and put her arms on her hips.

'Chincha _______, Seungho-ssi will get annoyed by you as well.'

'No I won't.', Seungho said and stood up from the ground. 'If _________-ah wants to stay a little bit longer, I don't mind.'

For a second, Beverly’s face was covered by confusion.

'See unni, Seungho-ssi doesn't want me to leave either! Stop being so mean!', you said and pouted, taking another sip of your beer.

Maybe it was your imagination, but when you looked over at Seungho his eyes were deeper than usually. Maybe it was because of the depth of his black shirt, but you almost could see lust written in them.

Aishh, chincha!’, Beverly said annoyed and sighed once again. 'Can I entrust you with her Seungho-ssi? She won't be able to get safely to her apartment in this state.', she said and pointed to you.

Seungho let a soft giggle out.

'Yah!', you shouted again, 'I'm not drunk!'

'Of course you're not sweetie.', Beverly treated you like a little child and kissed the crown of your head. ‘Be careful. We’ll see each other tomorrow _______.’

'Byeeee Beverly!', you yelled after her as Seungho accompanied her to the door.

Before Seungho came back, you made sure to kill your thirst by taking multiple sips of your beer.

'So, did you have fun today?', Seungho asked you as he again sat down. The tiny squared wooden table was the only thing separating you.

'Yes! Lots of fun!', you answered and smiled. 'I never knew Eli-oppa could speak so well English! And Hyorin-ah's voice is even sexier than on TV!'

For a second, there was silence between you.

'Thank you for inviting me Seungho-ssi. I probably would've died of boredom today if I wouldn't have come here.'

'It's always my pleasure to have you around _________-ah.'

Your cheeks felt warmer, and you didn’t think it was due to the beer.

'And what's that calling me Seungho-ssi?', he continued talking. You frowned out of confusion. 'Why are you being so formal to me but you're calling Eli oppa?'

An inaudible >oh< escaped your mouth.

'May I call Seungho oppa as well?', you asked curiously.

'Of course you may silly!', he said somewhat angrily and drank some beer as well.

You nodded happily and smiled.

Just then you realized that music was actually still playing on his laptop. Immediately, you stood up and walked towards it.

'What are you doing?', Seungho asked you curiously.

'I'm really in the mood for this song.', you replied and pressed the play button. You made sure that the song would be on repeat.

'Ey girl. It's BLAQ style. Now, turn it up!', you said in unison with Thunder and Seungho realized in an instant what song it was.

'I don't know what to do. What you're doing and where.', you continued singing and a huge smile covered Seungho's face.

He probably enjoyed watching you make an idiot of yourself.

'I don’t know what to do if you’re even thinking about me at least once.', you continued and made some clumsy movements.

You continued singing and swirling and then, finally, the chorus came.

'Youuuuuu', you sang with all your might and pointed at Seungho. 'It's youuuuu, it's youuuuuu.', but this time, you were controlling yourself. You were trying to be seductive.

You walked towards Seungho and pulled him up.

'I’m saying that if it’s not you then it won’t work.', you sang next to his ear and tried to bring him to dance with you.

His happy smile was slowly turning into a sneaky grin.

You loved that sight.

The amazing beat of the song was perfect for a partner-dance.

You placed your hands on his shoulders and started swaying your body. His hands were resting on your hips.

'Are you serious?', he asked you and chuckled.

'It's youuuu', you continued singing without minding his question. 'Baby if it’s not you it won’t work.', you sang and bit your lower lip as sensually as you could.

Another verse came, and since you weren’t knowing the lyrics perfectly, you decided to only sing with your body.

You turned around, your bum pressing against his pelvis.

You didn’t even know what has gotten into you asking Seungho to dance with you. You wanted to blame it on the alcohol, but you knew too well that your brain was still sober.

Now listen to my heart

Dancing in the rain

Pain that we divided the same

You will be in pain too right

The song continued playing as your bodies were rubbing against each other. Seungho didn’t reject your sexy moves. He was enjoying them and you loved the thought.

'Stop it, please.', he whispered against your ear as he swayed your hair to the side, 'You're killing me here.'

You pressed harder against him, and you made sure your bum would this time press against his crotch.

As you expected, he was excited. The feeling of his erect member against your ass sent shivers down your spine.

I thought about it but something is unfair

Somehow I feel as if you’ll be happy without me

These uneasy thoughts are because of 

'Youuuu', you started singing again.

'If you continue like this _________, I won't be able to contain myself anymore.'

You took his hands and placed them on your stomach, right under your breasts.

That was the response he wanted but never expected.

At once, his plump lips attacked the side of your neck. You fantasized about them many times on various spots on your body, but you never thought they’d be so soft yet harsh.

His long bony fingers cupped your covered breasts at once. 

Even if he was in the process of seducing you, both of your bodies were still swaying together.

Just as you thought that his palm would glide down, he turned you around 90 degrees. You knew what he was aiming for.

With his crotch still pressing against your ass, he started walking, softly pushing you forward as well.

In a matter of seconds, you felt the soft mattress under you.

Seungho’s body was covering your back.

'You have no idea for how long I wanted this.', he whispered next to your ear and took your shirt off. The pressure of his body on top of yours was making you hotter.

You heard the zipper to your skirt being opened and a soft bang noise, which probably meant he threw it on the ground.

'You have such silky skin ________. Why couldn't you dance like that for me earlier?', he asked without expecting and answer and kissed down your spine.

His lips were burning like fire.

'Take your clothes off.', you commanded and he chuckled.

'Right away.', he replied and you could comprehend noises of clothes being unzipped or thrown to various sides of the room.

Your red lingirie didn’t last much longer. You couldn’t stand the material on your skin anymore either way.

Again, his tongue was pleasuring your back. He started his way from your bum up to your shoulders.

As he was gently nibbling onto your neck once again, surely enjoying the sexy moans you were capable of, he crawled his hand under you, placing it onto your belly.

'Please stand up a little love.', he pleaded and you did as asked.

Your lower body was now in mid-air. Your womanhood was fully exposed to his eyes.

'Damn.', was the only thing he exclaimed as he was caressing and squeezing your buttcheeks.

Without any warning, his tongue made contact with your clit. The roar that escaped your throat was probably heard in the whole neighborhood.

The way his tongue was circling on your most sensitive body part was driving you insane.

'You're now ready for me.', he said after pulling away and squeezing your buttcheeks once again.

Now, you could feel his thighs pressed against yours.

His member was at your entrance. You felt like you couldn’t breathe anymore.

'More!', you screamed, and that was all the encouragement he needed.

His member filled you up, but your inner walls fast adjusted to his throbbing length.

His thrusts were diversified.

At times, he would have an unebelievable speed, but then, he’d switch to slow extremely deep thrusts. Both styles were creating immense pleasure for you.

At some point, you got tired. You wanted to be in some control as well.

Then, you straightened your back. Seungho immediatly realized what you wanted and sat down, placing one hand on your belly as the other one was on one of your thighs.

You were basically kneeling, facing Seungho with your back.

Your legs were placed on the sides of his.

Finally, you could dominate him as well.

You were swaying your hips as fast as you could, trying to make use of your thigh’s muscles as well.

Seungho’s hand soon glided down to your crotch, his fingers attacking your clit.

He placed two fingers on each side of your clit, pressing them together and moving them up and down.

You couldn’t take it anymore.

You needed to get rid of your ecstasy.

You climaxed instantly. Seungho biting the side of your neck made the experience so much more memorable.

After your orgasm kicked in, you rubbed down on Seungho a couple more times until you felt he was ready as well.

Before ejaculating, you got off of him. His chest and stomach had to take the hit.

You were too exhausted to even laugh anymore.

You collapsed onto your belly.

Regulating your breathing was somehow extremly hard.

After probably cleaning himself, Seungho placed himself next to you. He was still fully naked. You could finally see his gorgeous body.

'Say, ________,', he almost whispered and caressed the side of your head, 'would you be my girlfriend?'

'It's youuuu.', you sang softly and gave him the happiest smile you were capable of.


Okay, I worked so hard for this oh god. T_T It was so hard to write! I really hope the requester likes it haha. And guys, many many messages with feedback, okay?

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(Eli (U-Kiss), Hyorin (Sistar), Jiyun (4minute), Dongwoo (Infinite))

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(Source: mblaq-stories)

'Did he really do that?', you asked Joon and started laughing really hard.

He was just telling you about a joke he heard a long time ago.

'Yup, just like that.', he said and laughed with you.

'You know _________-ah, you're really cute when you're laughing.', he said and patted your head.

You smiled lovingly at him and closed your eyes for a second.

'Joonie is also really cute when laughing.', you replied and instantly felt a hand wrapping around your wrist, pulling you away.

When you turned around, you saw Seungho’s back as he was quickly pulling you after him out of the practice room.

'What are you doing?', you almost yelled trying to free your hand.

As soon as you were out and no one was around, he turned and slammed you on the nearest wall.

'What has gotten into you?', you asked with an angry voice.

He placed one of his hands on the wall besides your head as his other hand was resting on your hip.

'Don't talk to Joon anymore.', he said and hissed.

'Excuse me?', you asked with an irritated voice.

'I said..', he repeated gritting his teeth, 'don't talk to Joon anymore.'

'And why should I do that?', you asked trying to push him away, but he pushed you back at once.

'I hate seeing you being so comfortable around him. Laughing at all of his jokes, letting him touch you and even calling him Joonie. Is he your boyfriend or something? Last time I checked I was fulfilling that role.'

'What's the matter with you?', you yelled and slapped his chest. 'We're only friends and you know that!'

'You're really close friends.', he replied.

You could read anger and jealousy in his dark eyes, but there was something you just couldn’t recognize.

'And what's the idea of you dressing like this while coming to my practice room? Do you want the boys whistling after you?'.

He scanned you from head to toe with an accusing expression.

You were wearing a normal white blouse, a cute forget-me-not blue skirt and black pantyhose.

'How dare you fucking say that to me?!', you yelled and pushed him for a second time off of you.

This time, he slammed his lips against yours, roughly biting your lower lip.

He grabbed your two hands and held them above your head easily with the help of his right one.

'Your pantyhose has flowers on them. Everyone can see your skin through those little holes.'

His hand went up your shirt, groping one of your breasts.

Then, suddenly, someone came into the room where you were and your bodies instantly parted.

Your breathing was irregular, and your body was dying for him.

He aggressively pulled you out of the room walking towards what you thought was the parking lot.

'You still have practice.', you muttered walking after him.

'Fuck practice!', he yelled and continued walking.

'Or me.', you said with no control whatsoever over your words.

He stopped for a second, looking at you, smirking.

'You'll regret saying that.', he said and continued walking.

On the way home, neither of you spoke.

Your heart was beating too fast and his mind was shadowed by anger and jealousy.

When you stepped out of the car, he did something he never did before in public.

He lifted you up bridal style and almost ran with you towards his apartment.

His gaze was fixated on your face, and he was constantly licking his lips.

You couldn’t wait for what was going to happen.

He kicked his apartment door open and stepped in, slamming it after him.

He walked towards the kitchen, something that surprised you.

Since he wanted to move some stuff and get rid of some furniture for some days now, his kitchen table was right besides the fridge. It looked like they were glued together.

At once, he placed you onto the table, climbing onto you.

'Why here?', you asked confused.

'You'll see.', he said and slammed his lips onto yours for the second time.

His kisses were rough and hungry.

His lips were burning your skin. It was as if his jealousy was punishing you.

You liked it though. You liked it so much you couldn’t believe it yourself. 

You never saw Seungho’s rough side, and you were loving it.

He pulled your blouse over your head, leaving your naked breasts breathe.

He bit his lower lip as he looked at your bare chest.

'Fuck, you're beautiful.', he said between gritted teeth and attacked one of your nipples with his burning mouth.

His name started filling the room.

He was sucking so hardly onto your breast everything started to spin in front of you.

'That's right.', he said with your nipple between his teeth. 'Scream my name. Not his. MINE!'

His hand was pleasuring your other breast.

You were so drenched and he didn’t even touch your most sensitive spot. Angry Seungho was definitely something you couldn’t resist.

He stopped the kissing, looking at your face for a second and then directing his gaze to your legs.

He easily unzipped your skirt and pulled it down, throwing it on the ground.

Your flats soon followed the same fate.

But then, he didn’t something that took you by surprise.

He drilled his nails into your pantyhose, ripping them at once.

'WHY-', you tried to ask but he interrupted you by biting your thigh, making you hiss.

At once, he ripped the pantyhose and freed your legs from them.

As soon as he did so, he climbed higher onto you and placed your hands above your head, and you could feel the cold metal of the fridge.

He took your pantyhose and pushed them through the fridge’s handle, tying them around your wrists.

'You planned this from the beginning, didn't you?', you asked and smirked at him.

He nodded and licked his lips.

He then climbed down from the table, positioning himself in front of you, taking his shirt and jeans off at once.

In a matter of seconds, he was standing completely naked with a throbbing member in front of you.

You couldn’t move your hands at all.

He planned this perfectly.

He then spread your legs open and placed his ellbows on the table.

Gently, he rubbed your clit, your panties still on.

'Let me show you that Joon doesn't compare to me.', he said and pushed the material of the panties to the side, revealing your drenched womanhood.

Your moans were infinitely escaping your throat.

'Joon couldn't ever pleasure you as I do. I know every secret of your body.', he said with an angry voice and licked a certain spot of your clit that was driving you crazy.

You were dying to entangle your fingers in his hair, to pull on it, but you couldn’t.

He was teasing and torturing you at the same time.

A torture you were loving.

He then started sucking onto your clit so hard you were afraid you might faint.

The pleasure was too overwhelming.

Your muscles were tense and trembling. From the first seconds he was handling you in such an aggressive way you could feel how near you were to orgasm.

God, you wanted to devour that man, but you knew you couldn’t.

He was controlling you, dominating you. He wanted to prove himself that he was the only one who could make you feel this way, and you surely didn’t want to stand in his way.

His tongue moved from your clit to your entrance, penetrating you as deep as his tongue would go in.

The inner sides of your thighs were sweating, you wanted more.

Then, finally, he pulled your panties completely off and threw them on the ground.

He placed his hands on your hips and pulled you a little bit towards him.

He was now standing at the end of the table, ready to penetrate you.

'Repeat what you said earlier when we were heading to the car.'

'Fuck me.', you said out of instinct.

'Do you want me to? Is your body aching for mine?', he asked and smirked.


'Am I more attractive than Joon?'

'Yes.', you were answering his every question.

'Then scream my name.', he commanded and penetrated you at once, making you gasp.

Your womanhood fast adjusted to his length, so his speed was amazing from the beginning.

Even if he wouldn’t have told you to, you would’ve screamed his name like a crazy person.

He felt so good inside of you, the drilling of his fingers into your hips bruising your delicate skin.

The roughness with which he was handling you showed you a total new level of pleasure.

His eyes wouldn’t leave yours.

He wanted to see your every expression, to see the way your lips were moving as you were moaning his name.

'Scream my name louder!', he yelled and frowned.

You did as he commanded, filling the room with your desperate screams.

You clutched your inner muscles, trying to tease him as well.

As soon as you did, he let a groan out, followed by the sexiest way someone ever said your name.

His warm load filled you up, arousing you just enough to orgasm as well.

His length was vibrating against your walls, hinting to you that he was enjoying it just as much as you were.

His sweat-covered body collapsed onto yours, his head resting onto your left breast.

'Untie me. My hands are hurting.', you said and looked at him. Your head was still spinning.

He lifted his head and looked at you, grinning.

'Do you really want me to already?', he asked.

'No.', you replied honestly.


It’s not as good as Thunder’s one, but I still hope you like it.

I think that pantyhose idea wasn’t too corny lolol.

This is a scenario from two requests:

Seungho - Bondage  and Seungho - He sees you speaking w/Joon and he gets jealous/insecure because you two are very close (angry m).

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(Source: mblaq-stories)

>This is War< Seungho Ver.

(Source: mblaq-stories)

>This is War< Seungho Ver.

(Source: mblaq-stories)