His eyes were moving along with her every movement. Seungho felt enchanted by everything she was doing. He was madly in love with her.

She smiled at him and stopped walking, pulling him into a short yet passionate kiss.

'P-Paboya!’, Seungho exclaimed, feeling how the red was crawling to his cheeks. ‘People are looking!’

'I don't give a damn what people think about us.', she said in such a cute voice, even the damn sounded sweet. ‘I just want to show my affection to my boyfriend, can’t I?’, she asked and frowned and pouted at the same time at Seungho.

He felt his heart beating a little faster. Boyfriend. He was her boyfriend. He was so happy to be called that, he could barely believe it.

He loved it when she was so careless and cool at the same time, and that’s probably why she fell so rapidly for her, because she was the complete opposite of him.

'Of course you can…', he mumbled and looked away a little, hoping that she didn’t notice his blushing. 'I like it when you do that.', he added and looked at her again, giving her a radiant smile.

You like to be kissed by me?’, she cockily asked and leaned forward and just as their lips were about to touch, she pulled away and chuckled.

Ahhhh, so annoying!’, Seungho exclaimed, but a smile could be heard behind his fake annoyance.

It was their first date as an official couple, and he felt so comfortable and at ease with her he hoped this day would never end.

They met thanks to a mutual acquaintance, and at first, they were friends. They were hanging around a lot, enjoying each other’s company, and at some point, they both felt that their friendship wasn’t really a friendship anymore.

They were both attracted to each other even though they were as different as the day and night, and the tension was always there.

Until one evening, when she spontaneously showed up at his apartment and kissed him so passionately his knees almost gave in.

After spending that night together, they were officially a couple, and today was their first official date.

They went and had lunch together, laughed and talked about several things, and the only thing he could think about was how mesmerizing and beautiful she was.

After eating, they decided to take a walk and take advantage of the sunny weather.

Seungho wasn’t the only one feeling amazingly well with her, she felt as if she was in cloud 9 as well.

The looks he was giving her, the way he was sometimes licking his lower lip and laughing afterwards, the way he was squeezing her hand harder from time to time and then rubbing the back of her palm with his thumb, everything about him was driving her crazy.

'Ahhh, so warm!', she suddenly exclaimed as they were walking through a park and hurried to a bench, sitting down and leaning her head back, stretching her tongue out and panting like a cute little puppy.

Are you already tired?’, Seungho asked as he slowly took a seat next to her, gently placing his hand onto her thigh and looking at her.

Just by they were they were taking a seat it was obvious how completely different they were.

'Mhm!’, she mumbled and looked at him, pouting and nodding at the same time. 'Soooo tired!', she added in a cute voice and he couldn’t hold a giggle in. She was just too precious.

Oppaya!’, she suddenly exclaimed, in an attempt to do aegyo.

'You only call me oppa with that voice when you want something. What is it?', he asked and couldn’t stop smiling at her.

'Oppaya', she repeated and put her palms on her cheeks in a V formation, exaggerating her aegyo even more. 'How about drinking some smoothies? I saw a shop as we were walking this way. It's just across the park.'

He instantly stood up and leaned over her, cupping her face and placing a kiss onto her forehead.

'Anything for you. Please wait for me a bit.', he said and started walking away, making her heart race. He was so sweet sometimes it was hard for her to believe it. With everything that he was doing, he was warming her heart more and more.

With his hands inside his black blazer’s pockets, he was happily walking towards the shop.

It didn’t even take 2 minutes for him to arrive there.

'Two strawberry and banana smoothies please.', Seungho politely asked as he placed the money on the counter, waiting for his order.

It didn’t take long for them to be ready, and he hurried back to her.

When he was close enough to see the bench where she was sitting, he saw another silhouette sitting next to her.

When he got even closer, he recognized a man. A man he never saw before.

He quickened his pace and soon got there, feeling something he never felt before because of her. Jealousy.

As he stopped in front of the bench, both her and the unknown man looked up to him.

'Seungho-oppa, you're back!', she said and smiled at him.

The unknown man’s expression changed.

'Is he…your boyfriend?', he asked.

'Yeah.', Seungho replied in the hoarsest, lowest voice he was capable off. 'I'm her boyfriend. Who are you?'

Just then, the man stood up and awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

'I'm sorry, I thought she was alone. I didn't mean to intrude.', the man said and bowed his head a little, starting to walk away.

'Don't worry, you didn't intrude!', she shouted after him and Seungho stretched one smoothie out to her.

She took a sip from it and sighed happily after the flavor hit her taste buds.

He took a seat next to her, not even touching his drink.

He crossed his arms under his chest and sighed deeply.

She looked at him but decided not to say anything, just happily sipping out of her smoothie. She knew he was jealous, but she wanted to tease him a little.

This time, Seungho sighed even deeper, but again, she didn’t say anything.

'Aishhh…', he mumbled under his breath and she thought it would be the good time to say something now.

'Seungho, is something wrong?', she asked and he turned his head to her.

'It was 5 minutes. I was gone for 5 minutes and some guy already tries to hit on you. Men are hungry, thirsty beasts! I hate men!', he exclaimed angrily and she giggled at his cute exaggeration.

'Don't laugh, I'm serious! You're too beautiful!', he then said and she slowly put her smoothie next to her on the bench.

'Why do you have to be so beautiful? You're so gorgeous, of course any guy would want to get to know you. They'd be crazy if they wouldn't want to!', he added with even more frustration.

In that moment, Seungho was so cute in her eyes she couldn’t hold back.

She got on top of him, sitting onto his lap, arms wrapped around his neck.

’_____, w-what are you doing?’, he stuttered and looked at her, and she could see his face getting redder.

'Seungho, listen here.', she said in a serious voice and leaned her face closer to his. ‘There will always be people who try to flirt with me, and there will always be people who try to flirt with you. We can’t do anything about that, that’s just how things work.’, she said, almost whispering now.

'If a guy will come on to me, it doesn't mean that I will accept his flirtation, it also doesn't mean that I will be rude to him. I will politely reject his actions and tell him that I'm not interested, because honestly, how could I ever be interested as long as I have you beside me? You're everything and more than I need.', she added and placed a kiss onto his forehead, just like he did minutes ago.

There’s no competition going on, because I’m in love with you, and I only want you. Just you.’, she said and felt his arms embrace her back.

He pressed his chin against her shoulder and tightly hugged her.

'Butterflies…I feel butterflies fluttering.', he mumbled.

'You do?’, she asked him, trailing her fingers through his hair.

'Yes.', he replied, and in that moment, they both felt so close to each other they weren’t even feeling the stares from the people passing by.

'Why?', she asked.

'Because I'm in love with you too. I must be crazy ______, all I need is you.'


It’s been such a long time, forgive me, and I wasn’t even busy I was just lazy as fuck.

But I’m back with a super fluffy Seungho scenario, and I know that you all love Seungho, and even more when he’s fluffy!

So let me all know what you think of this scenario, send me loads of messages!

For the request: “How about a fluff scenario for Seungho; You & Him go out on a date and while he goes to the nearby shop to get smoothies for both of you and he sees a boy chatting with you && he gets a bit jealous + picture” for Howl anon!

Stay tuned for the next scenario, lots of love, C! xx

'Try it! Try it try it try it! It's so delicious!', you demanded from Thunder and pushed your caramel-frappuccino towards him.

'You know I don't like sweet stuff.', Thunder whined and pouted at you.

'Just try it oppa, you'll love it, I promise!', you didn't give up and grabbed the straw, pressing it against his lips.

He finally gave in and took a quick sip, taking another, longer sip right after.

'Right? It's really good!', you exclaimed happily.

'Woah, you're right, it's delicious!', he agreed and took another sip.

'Ya! That's enough!', you exclaimed and pulled your glass back. 'Drink your tasteless black coffee.', you teased and took a mouthful of cream.

The atmosphere in the coffee shop was dreamy tonight. The whole place was almost full with loving couples, romantic music playing in the background.

Almost all the tables were occupied, giving the café life.

Laughter was surrounding you. You could hear cute girly giggles, somewhat drunk sloppy laughter and the tittering of a boy who was just told that he looks especially handsome tonight.

You couldn’t have asked for a better evening.

Just as you were about to say something to Thunder, you felt a hand on your shoulder and someone calling your name.

You quickly turned around and realized how your evening would probably go down the drain.

'Such a coincidence to meet you here, ______!', the man said and you had the urge to roll your eyes.

Thunder was looking at the two of you, not saying anything, a little bit of curiosity written on his face.

'Jaeseop, what are you doing here?', you asked and shuddered a bit so he would take his hand off your shoulder.

'We haven't seen each other for over 7 months and this is how you're greeting me? You're as cold as ever ____.', he said and gave you half a smirk.

You thought it was time for you to introduce Thunder to him.

'Oppa, this is my ex-boyfriend, Kim Jaeseop.', you said and Thunder bowed his head a little, but Jaeseop wasn't as polite.

'Oppa? Is this white-haired guy your boyfriend?', he asked and pointed mockingly with his index finger at Thunder.

You were already starting to get angry.

'Exactly. His name is Park Sang Hyun. We've been together for over 5 months.', you explained and you could see Jaeseop's expression changing. You really weren't in the mood for him.

'5 months? Woooow! So you ran into this dude's arms right after dumping me? Didn't really take you long to get over me, huh?’, he asked and Thunder’s expression was changing too.

Thunder wasn’t the type of person to get angry easily, but you knew too well that when it was something concerning you, his wrath was endless.

'I was over you before we broke up Jaeseop. Why are you trying to start a scene now?', you asked in a dissing voice and looked sternly at him.

'I'm just trying to understand what this guy has that I don't.', he said and looked over at Thunder, visibly ready to start a fight anytime.
That was it for you. You got really angry.

You pushed your chair backwards and got up, frowning while looking at Jaeseop.

'Do you want to know what Sang Hyun has that you don't? Everything! I can't even compare the two of you, that's how much better he is than you!', you almost shouted at him, the heads from the table next to yours turning a bit.

By the time you ended your sentence Thunder stood up as well.

'He's so much better than me?’, Jaeseop asked and huffed. ‘Just look at this guy. He doesn’t even look like he could fuck you right.’, he said and more heads turned. ‘Don’t you remember how you were screaming with pleasure when you were with me? I bet he can’t make you scream like that!’, he said and you felt your blood boiling.

'I think that's enough.', Thunder said in a calm voice and put his hand over Jaeseop’s chest, but you knew too well that he wasn’t calm at all.

Jaeseop looked down at Thunder’s hand and huffed in disgust. He then slapped it away and looked at you again.

'I talk about fucking you and all he does is that? Not much of a boyfriend huh? Can't even protect you right.’, he said and you instantly slapped him with all the power you were capable off. You heard a girl’s slight gasp somewhere in the café.

'He doesn't need to protect me, he knows too well I can take care of myself, especially when it comes to jerks like you! Why would he need to waste his time with a nobody like you, huh? He's better than that!', you actually yelled this time and felt Thunder's hand around your wrist.

'Let's go.', he said close to your ear and started walking out. Just as you were about to exit you turned around.

'By the way, you should ask our neighbors. They'll tell you how he makes me scream!', you said right before stepping out and you heard some people going "ohhh" back in the cafe.

Thunder hurriedly grabbed a taxi and let you step in first, sliding next to you. He told the driver your address and just as you were about to explode with anger, he shushed you and placed your head on his shoulder.

Wait until we get home jagiya. Just try to think about something else now. Please try to calm down, I hate seeing you like that.’, he said and started caressing your hair, calming you a little bit instantly. Sometimes you really believed that he was your guardian angel.

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You were practicing your song in the dressing room, warming up your vocal chords.

'You know, that's not going to help you. I'm the clear winner here.', Mir said and you rolled your eyes in annoyance.

'Can you just shut up? Even your voice pisses me off.', you exclaimed.

Why did he always have to be like that? You hated his arrogance and his sense of superiority. He was always talking down on people as if he was the king of the world. But still, you were oddly attracted to him and you hated yourself for that.

From the first day you two saw each other, you quarreled. You entered a rapping competition a few weeks back, and even though you were getting along well with the other competitors, Mir was your nemesis.

But there you were, the two of you, hours before the final show.

Who knew you’d make it so far, and on top of that, who would’ve thought Mir would be your last rival.

'Did I upset the princess?’, he asked while checking himself out in the mirror.

'C'mon Cheol Yong', you said, using his real name, knowing how he hated it, 'We both know you got this far thanks to your pretty face. Your talent had little to do with it.', you huffed mockingly at him.

'Even if that's the case…', he said and looked at you, lifting his eyebrows just a tad, giving you that cocky look, '…What about you then? All those guys who voted for you weren't drooling over your voice or your skills.'

'Are you calling me pretty right now?', you asked, widening your eyes in surprise a little.

'No.', he replied and made a quick pause, ‘I’m calling you beautiful.’

His answer completely took you by surprise. For some seconds you forgot how to breathe. You had to idea what to reply and the awkward silence was becoming heavier with every second.

'Sorry.', he finally broke the silence.

'Why are you sorry?', you asked, confused because of him, confused because of the whole situation.

'I don't know. Just sorry, I guess.', he awkwardly replied like a little child.

It felt as if you couldn’t recognize the arrogant Mir anymore. Your heart was beating faster.

'You know..', you then spoke up, '…I never understood why we started fighting like that.'

'Maybe if you wouldn't have been such a spoiled princess we would've hit it off.', he replied, completely returning to his usual self.

'Fuck you! I'm trying to be nice and you're fucking it up!', you angrily shouted at him.

He came closer to you, frowning.

'You're trying to be nice? Don't bother! And don't you swear at me ____!'.

'If I do, what then? Will you tell your brother in law to kick me out of the show? That's why you got accepted anyways, because your brother in law is the executive manager or something along those lines.', you replied, almost spitting the words at him.

You didn’t want to say those things, you had no reason for saying such words, but you couldn’t control yourself.

'So what? Are you jealous that I had it easy? Stop trying to act all kind and innocent when in reality you're just a cold-hearted, jealous bitch!', he replied, giving you a taste of your own medicine.

He was so close to you now, you could feel his hot breath against your lips.

'And who knows..', he continued, but his voice changed. He was talking in such a calm, disgusting, insulting voice now, '…maybe you visited some bedrooms to get where you're now.', he finished his sentence.

You instantly slapped him, his head turning to the side, the sound of you hitting him echoing throughout the room.

'Go. Fuck. Yourself.', you spit the words into his face and stormed out of the dressing room, into the hall, making your way to the women's restroom.

You slammed the door after you and put your hands onto the sink’s edge, lowering your head and trying not to scream because of how angry you were.

You suddenly heard the door opening and looked into its direction, seeing Mir coming towards you.

'What the fuck are you doing here?', you yelled at him.

'Don't you just walk away from me after hitting me!', he said while coming closer, and you were ready to hit him again.

Mir grabbed your arms and held them tightly as you were struggling to get out of his grip.

'Let go of me you asshole!!', you were screaming but his grip wasn't loosening.

He then somehow turned your hands and glued them against your back, still holding them tightly. If someone would’ve seen you, they would’ve probably thought that you were hugging, but that really wasn’t the case.

Your body was pressed against his and his mouth was so close to your face you could barely breathe.

'Let go of me this instant.', you hissed at him.

'Why are you so sexy when you're angry? It makes me want to kiss you so badly.', he replied and bit his lower lip.

Oh, how the tables have turned.

This was exactly like one of those scenes that you saw in movies. People fighting and then having sensual, passionate sex, and you really wanted that to happen.

'Coward, you don't even have the balls to kiss me. I'm too much of a woman for you.', you said and lifted your eyebrows just as cockily as he did minutes ago.

He started to push you backwards and you could feel your ass pressing against cabinets that the sinks were put into.

His eyes didn’t avert from yours at all. He let go of your hands and grabbed your bum, lifting you up and putting you on the edge.

The atmosphere was so tensionate and sexual and you had no idea what he was up to. You were getting really horny.

He parted your legs a little and placed himself between them.

'Let's play a game.', he said. ‘Whoever kisses the other one on the lips first, loses.’, he almost whispered.

'What's the bet?', you asked.

'No bet. Just the sense of victory.', he replied as his hand started moving up your side.

'Deal.', you replied as you felt his hand making its way under your blouse, his fingers slightly tickling your skin.

As he cupped one of your breasts, a slight moan escaped your mouth, and you teasingly bit your lower lip.

'You're making this game really hard.', he said and you felt his crotch pressing against yours.

'Am I only making the game hard?', you cockily asked and a smirk appeared on his face.

He hurriedly got rid of your blouse and you unclasped your bra, letting it slide off your arms.

As he saw your nude breasts, you saw a spark in his eyes. That look made you feel so beautiful and wanted it was unbelievable.

You leaned yourself back, as a hint to tell him to do his job.

He started with slow kisses on your chest, going down bit by bit, finally playing with his tongue around your erect nipple.

He was sucking onto it and gently biting it, your hand playing in his hair the whole time.

He unglued his lips from your nipple and went down your stomach, now kneeling in front of you.

He unbuttoned your jeans and pulled them down your legs, starting to kiss your thigh.

Your womanhood was burning up. He took you way pass the point of turning you on.

Just as you thought he would get rid of your panties as well, he stood up, getting rid of his shirt.

'Say..', he was inches away from your lips, '…how can everything about you be so beautiful?'

Just as he said those words, you realized it. He was in love with you.

No man would ever be capable of such words if he wasn’t in love. No man would be capable of saying such things in such a calm, loving tone if he wasn’t in love.

You strangely felt your heart warming up.

You just smiled at him and pushed him a little bit back, starting to kiss down his neck, playing around his collarbones.

You could hear soft whimpers coming from him, and you were loving it.

As you were kissing his ear and biting his lobe, you were unzipping his pants, pushing them down.

Your hand was now trailing over his material-covered member, and you could feel the dampness from his pre-cum.

And as he was softly moaning your name, begging to get touched more by you, you knew exactly how to make him kiss you, how to make him lose, and more importantly, how to end this torture of not being able to kiss him.

You unglued your lips from his ear and looked him directly in his eyes, trying to be as sexy as you could.

'Mir-oppa, please kiss me.', you demanded and it didn't take a second for him to react.

He grabbed the back of your head and slammed his lips against yours, penetrating your mouth with his tongue at once, letting you taste him.

You were both breathless, both trying to dominate one another, both full of desire.

The kiss seeming endless, you pushed his boxers down and he pushed the material of your panties to the side, placing his member right under your entrance.

You bit his lower lip, and with his flesh between your teeth, you whispered a “Now”.

He penetrated you at once, your inner walls molding around his member.

You both moaned in ecstasy into each other’s mouths, and he started moving, making you feel unbelievable.

Your legs were curled around him, and you were pushing his ass, making him go deeper into you.

'Oh god, I'm going to come.', you said into his mouth and felt the utter feeling of lust and climax overwhelm you, making you moan Mir's name out loud.

Moments after you finished, he pulled out of you, yours and his stomach taking the hit of his orgasm.

You were both uncontrollably huffing, trying to regulate your breathing.

Mir leaned his forehead against your chest, resting for a moment. That action made him look so vulnerable and innocent in your eyes, you had the desire to just hug him and kiss him all over.

It was strange how people’s relationships can change in a split second.

'We were pretty lucky no one actually came in.', you broke the silence.

'Your moans were keeping them away.', he replied and giggled a little. You chuckled as well.

'But you know, I won.', you then said.

'I don't even care that you won.', he said and lifted his head, looking at you now. 'Because losing felt incredible.', he said and gave you a loving smile, creating butterflies in your stomach.

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I decided to translate some scenarios of mine into German for the sole purpose of me not forgetting my German to be honest. So whenever you randomly see a German scenario on your dash, just deal with it haha!

This scenario is “The Night You Took Care Of Me” and you can find the English version under this link:
Maybe some of you guys who speak English and German can tell me how well I did? Anyways, scenarios in German sound WEIRD!

Here goes nothing:

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You buttoned up the sweater, burying your face into its collar, inhaling its perfume.

It still smelled like him. It even felt like him in some way. 

You deeply sighed and brought your knees to your chin, holding them still with your arms around them.

You felt lonely, and sad, and in pain. You felt miserable and hopeless.

You looked over at the clock, realizing that only 5 minutes remained until the show would start.

His friends were telling you that he wasn’t doing much better than you, he was missing you just as much as you were missing him.

Why did you break up after all? You weren’t even sure anymore. It just happened.

Neither of you wanted to leave the other one, but after that stormy, scary night, both of you were too prideful to apologize.

Neither of you were at fault, but a faint sentiment of fear was holding you back from aproaching each other. You were both hopeless.

You looked over at the clock again. 2 more minutes.

With slow movements, you grabbed the remote and turned the TV on.

You were almost hating your friend for messaging you, telling you that Mir would be on a live show. You didn’t need to know that. You didn’t need that kind of temptation, because you knew you would give in.

The intro of the show started playing, the host presenting the guests.

Mir was sitting there, smiling brightly, but something just didn’t seem right about his smile. It looked like it wasn’t reaching his eyes.

You just sat there, staring blankly at the show for 40 minutes, wanting to turn the TV off but not doing it in the end.

'How about we spoil our viewers' eyes with your acting skills?', the host asked the guests and you could see Mir chuckling nervously. Acting wasn’t his best skill.

But then, he shocked you. He got up from the chair and went towards the host.

'Can I go first?’, he asked and the host remained just as dumbfounded as you.

'Of course you can! How about re-enacting a popular scene from a movie?’, the host asked.

'I have something else in mind.', Mir replied and the host nodded at him, leaving the stage to him.

You were so concentrated on his every move now your temples were hurting.

'Do you remember that night as clearly as I remember it? I remember your every tear that I wasn't able to wipe away because I was too stupid to see the pain that I was causing you.', he started speaking, his face so serious you couldn’t breathe right.

Was he talking about you? You didn’t know, you didn’t want to get your hopes up.

Do you miss me as much as you miss you? Because being without you feels like I’m waking up to half a blue sky, I’m walking around with just one shoe. I’m half the man at best since you left me, with half an arrow in my chest. I miss everything that we used to do, I’m half a heart without you.’, he continued to speak and everyone was just as silent as tense as you. They were all staring at him shocked by his talent, but you knew that that wasn’t his talent speaking.

'Though I tried to get you out of my head, the truth is I got lost without you.', he sighed deeply and looked for a second down at the floor, fixating his eyes into the camera once more.

'Forget everything that we said that night, it doesn't matter anymore. If you could spare some time for me, we could meet in one hour. Have a drink at the coffee shop down the river where we always went to. We could really talk it out, because we got split in two. I'll be waiting for you…', he said and stopped for a second once again, '…_______.'

And there it was. Your whole body started trembling. He said your name. Your heart got stuck in your throat.

He got back to his seat, a round of applause overwhelming the studio.

'Wow Mir-ssi, you really gave it your all!', the host said but you barely could hear what he was saying anymore.

You didn’t know what to do. You were shivering, just quietly sitting there hoping that this moment would pass without you having to deal with it.

When you finally got a grip of yourself the show ended and you looked at the clock.

He said one hour. 20 more minutes until the said time.

You stood up as if struck by lighting, slightly slapping your cheeks and breathing in deeply.

'What are you doing _____?', you were asking yourself. 'This is everything you were waiting for. Stop being such a coward.', you were empowering yourself, grabbing your car keys, not even changing. His sweater was still on you.

When you got out of the car, you were already 15 minutes late.

You started walking towards the coffee shop, your legs almost giving up on you, hoping that he waited for you.

You were five meters away from the entrance of the coffee shop, and you couldn’t move anymore. Your feet grew roots, holding you there. You wanted to keep walking, but you couldn’t.

Suddenly, you felt two hands around your stomach, a chin resting on your shoulder.

'You know, this sweater you're wearing looks awfully similar to one that I used to own.', his voice vibrated against your ear.

You placed your hands on top of his, feeling a knot stopping air from entering your lungs.

The tears kicked in, faint hiccups escaping your throat.

Mir slowly and tenderly turned you around, cupping your face and wiping your tears away with his thumbs.

'Tonight, I won't let you cry anymore.', he said but you could clearly hear how he was trying to control his voice from breaking.

He kissed your lips, reminding you of how much you missed him these last few weeks.

It felt so good having him next to you, a huge burden being lifted from your heart.

You embraced his back, resting your head onto his chest, feeling his heart knocking against your ear.

He was tenderly caressing your hair, his touch filled with so much love and care.

'Now I'm a whole heart once again.’, he whispered, letting you know just how much he loved you.

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You were looking at him, pupils dilated, mouth hanging open.

He was huffing, eyes almost closed, deep scratches all over his body.

'What are you doing here?! This is the gumiho territory! If somebody else sees you you will be doomed for all eternity!', you exclaimed at him in a frustrated and scared voice.

He wasn’t replying. He was just standing there, eyes drilling yours, and suddenly, his iris’ went blank, his body losing balance and falling to the ground.

He looked lifeless.

You hurried to him, embracing him, immediately teleporting to a secluded place.

His head was resting on your lap, and he was barely breathing.

Why were you so scared and worried? He was a werewolf. He was your enemy. Everyone in the forest knew that gumihos and werewolves were enemies since hundreths of years ago, still, your hands unconsciously moved over his chest and stomach, your palms starting to shine brightly, his cuts slowly starting to fade away.

'I am crazy. I deserve a thousand years of punishment.', you said to yourself as you felt his breathing regulating, his face almost looking peaceful.

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Christmas music was playing all around the chalet. People were having fun while chatting and drinking punch. Smiling, radiating faces were everywhere, and you could almost see the Christmas spirit flying around the room.

'Minhyeok-a, what did you buy for your girlfriend this year?', you heard someone next to you ask.

'I just put a bow on myself!', the guy who was probably Minhyeok answered and laughed. You couldn’t help but giggle a little bit as well.

You turned your head and looked into Joon’s direction, seeing how he was occasionally stealing glimpses at you as well. A circle of friends was around him, and you could clearly see how popular he was.

It was really annoying to keep your relationship a secret, but it was better than creating a ruckus and have rumors going around.

'Excuse me for a second.', you said to the person you were having a conversation with and walked towards the bar, leaning your back against the counter.

You took a sip of your eggnog, looking over at Joon again. He looked at you and you could see the smile in his eyes. How could he make you feel like that just by looking at you?

And why did he have to dress in that coat you bought for him today of all days? He knew exactly how crazy it drove you seeing him dressed in that.

He looked stunning and you were mesmerized by his looks. Your whole body was slowly getting hot and you were suddenly pulled out of your kinky thoughts by the bartender.

'Can I give you another drink, beautiful lady?', he asked and looked at your empty glass. You drank all of it without even realizing it. That’s what an effect Joon was having on you.

'Or maybe you shouldn't drink anymore? Your cheeks are all red!', he said and chuckled, obviously trying to flirt with you.

'Shut up!', you coldly said and placed the empty glass on the counter,walking away, not even knowing why you got so mad at that guy. You were too frustrated because of Lee Joon.

You walked to a corner of the room where you could still see Joon, taking your phone out of purse and sending him a message.

>Joonieee, let’s go home, jebal~~~~<3 I want youuuu<, you sent him and eagerly looked at him.

For a mere second, he just looked at his screen and stuck his phone back into his pocket, not even bothering replying to you. He was too concentrated on his conversation with that stinky, old, bearded man.

'Are we playing hard to get tonight?', you talked to yourself and huffed. 'If you wanna play, I can play.'

You looked around the room and saw that people weren’t really paying attention to you, so you decided to take some pictures.

Firstly, you took a picture of your closed eyes since you knew that he loved your eyelashes and sent it to him. Again, he just looked at it.

You got angrier and decided to take a picture of your lips as you were biting them.

Again, no reply, but when he looked at the screen, you could see a smile spreading over his face.

Success! You got his attention!

You took another picture of your neck, your collarbones appearing in the photo as well. You clicked the send button and waited for a reaction.

When Joon looked at the screen, you saw him hardly swallowing, but still, no reply.

You were getting really mad.

Wrath and lust taking control of your body now, you hurried to the bathroom on the second floor. On the way to the bathroom, you got pretty lost, somehow getting to the last floor where nobody was in sight. You saw a cracked door and pushed it open, discovering that it was empty. You hurried in and turned on the light, closing the door behind you but not locking it.

You took a seat on the table placed in the middle of the room, deciding to take a picture of your breasts.

Still covered, you pushed them together creating a deep and sexy cleavage, taking a picture of it.

'Perfect!', you said to yourself as you saw the picture and clicked send.

Again, no reply, but you would’ve loved to see his expression when his eyes locked with the picture.

You stretched your legs forward to make them look more muscly and look a picture of them as well. You clicked send. Again, no reply. You were slowly getting frustrated but at the same time it felt as if he was provoking you, to see how far you’d go.

'Okay Joonie, let's play for real now.', you said to yourself and unzipped your dress, letting it fall to the floor.

You unclasped your bra and let it fall next to the dress, pushing your breasts together once again, taking a picture of your bare breasts. You were happy that your nipples were hard.

You sent him the picture and finally, a reply came, but you weren’t pleased by it.

>________, why are you doing this to me?!?!<, he said while sounding a little bit desperate.

>I told you I’m horny you idiot.<, you replied to him and sighed deeply. A response came shortly after.

>Can’t you wait ‘till we get home? What should I tell these guys?! That I’m vanishing because I want to have sex with my girlfriend?!<, he replied and you could really feel his frustration now. Jackpot!

>No, I can’t wait.<, you simply said and your screen lightened up seconds after you sent it.

>They’ve all been waiting for me, I can’t just ditch them, and you know that! Jagi…please…<, he said and you got extremly angry. His reply almost felt like a rejection and you felt insulted. But you weren’t one to give up.

You were wearing a thong so you also took a picture of your ass, sending it to him. He didn’t reply again.

You started to look through your pictures, stumbling upon some pictures you took of Joon 3 days ago. He was in the shower, all wet, all foamy, his member half-erect.

You remember how he was telling you to close the shower cabin’s doors since the whole floor would get wet and how you should stop taking pictures of him, but you weren’t listening.

He was too handsome and too sexy.

By looking at those pictures you got even hotter, slowly lowering your hand towards your womanhood. You couldn’t help but play with yourself.

At that point, you weren’t capable of taking any pictures anymore. Through huffing and panting, you called him, and the phone ringed a couple of times before he picked up.

I told you to stop alrea-’, he wanted to scold you but stopped mid-sentence as he heard a moan.

He didn’t say anything for a while. You could only hear loud voices from his side and moans from your side.

You pressed your finger harder against your clit and moaned again. Finally, he said something.

’_____, a-a-are you t-touching yourself?’, he whispered into the phone, but this time, you were the one not replying.

Just hearing his voice was turning you on even more.

Stop.’, he demanded and you moaned even louder. 'Please stop, please.', he begged and you decided to tease him even more by moaning his name. That was what he was getting for ignoring you.

'J-Joonie, ah, Joonie.', you moaned into the phone.

'Stop that. I wanna do that to you.', he said and you could hear the desperation in his tone.

You moaned again, almost shouting his name, and through heavy breathing, you told him that you were in a room on the last floor.

He didn’t say anything, being intrerupted by someone. Joon excused himself and told him he would soon join the conversation again.

You moaned his name again, screaming it like a crazy person.

'I beg of you, stop! I can't come, I'm stuck here! Please, stop!', he begged but you didn’t care.

'Oh god, Joonie, oh god.', you screamed and felt how your climax was approaching at a crazy speed.

'Joon-hyeong, come on already!', the same person interrupted him again, but this time, Joon was having none of it.

'WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY?!', Joon yelled at him and you could hear that he started running, to find you.

It took him some time to find the room, so before he did, you already finished.

You could hear his desperation by the way he was asking you what room it was.

'Where the fuck is that fucking room dammit all!?!', he was screaming into the phone.

Since you were still angry for being ignored, you told him that there was no need for him to come anymore.

'I'm done.', you said, and just as those words slipped from your mouth and you were about to put your bra back on, the door got pushed open, Joon storming in, letting his phone fall to the ground.

He shut the door behind him and brutally took his tie off, ripping the buttons of his shirt and throwing it on the floor.

'Believe me, you're not done.'


Did you guys all like the Christmas special? I surely loved writing it since it was an AMAZING idea from Seriously guys, she comes up with amazing scenarios! Hehehe!

I just added something here and there and changed some things and, voila!

Merry Christmas to all of you and hopefully you all got what you wished for for Christmas! Lemme know what you thought of this scenario!

Lots of love and see you soon, C! xx


'Mir, where are the pills?', you asked, eyes half-open half-closed, trying not to let the light that was shining through the windows make your headache even worse.

'Mmmmm.', Mir mumbled something inaudible and turned around in the bed.

'Yaaaaa~', you exclaimed and slightly kicked him in the butt. 'My head's bursting! Where are the migraine pills?'

'Aishhh, so annoying!', Mir hissed. ‘There are no pills left. Only those hangover juices. Now let me sleep you idiot.’, he said and hissed again. Talking like that to his best friend, you wanted to smack him but held back.

You hardly sighed and felt how your temples were pumping with heat and pain, but you would never drink those disgusting natural juices again. You decided to just bear with your pain and you swore to yourself to never ever put another drop of alocohol into your mouth.

You stood up from the bed, your whole body sore. Mir was already snoring again. That guy would fall asleep in mili-seconds.

You slapped your cheeks to get a grip of yourself and looked at the clock. It was already 12PM.

'Why did I have to drink so much? And why did that idiot who's supposely my best friend let me drink so much? Aishhh~', you cursed and took a quick glimpse at Mir, cursing the fact that he wasn't feeling as bad as you even though he drank twice as much as you. You started massaging your temples while walking out of Mir's bedroom, towards the bathroom.

Still not completely awake, you walked into the bathroom without even hearing the shower and without feeling the moisture of the steam. You were too hungover. You didn’t even realize something was odd when you had to wipe the mirror to see yourself. You just accepted things how they were and grabbed Mir’s toothbrush.

'I'm sure he won't mind. I'm his bestie.', you whispered to yourself and put some toothpaste on it, slowly starting to brush your teeth. You liked tasting the minty flavor on your tongue, it made last night's bitter and gross alcohol go away.

Just as you were about to spit it out, you heard something, and you completely petrified.

'Ahhh ahhhh _______. Oh god, _______.', you heard moaning in the shower. Just then, you realized that you weren’t alone. The sound of water pouring also made its way into your ears. And it wasn’t just anyone’s moaning, it was Joon’s. And he was moaning your name.

'Oh my god!', you whispered to yourself, your eyes wide with shock. In a hurry, you spit the toothpaste out and cleansed your mouth. 'Oh my god!', you said again, not believing what you were hearing.

'Oh god ______, just like that! Ahhh!', Joon continued with his moans.

Just by hearing him like that, it felt as if you got completely over your hungover. You couldn’t even feel your headache anymore.

'What do I do what do I do?!', you were asking yourself in a panicked manner.

'Ahhh, you taste so good _______.’, Joon moaned again. He was seriously masturbating while he was thinking about you, and that was turning you on so much you could barely believe it.

You always found Joon irresistable, and you found him adorable as well. You got to know him pretty well since you were visiting Mir’s dorm so often, but you never actually made a move.

You didn’t find he would be the relationship-type of guy for you, but you definitely wouldn’t have said no to a good round of rough meaningless sex with him. And it seemed like he was attracted to you too.

'What do I do oh my god!', you asked yourself again.

'Oh god, I'm so close _______.', he said, and it felt like that was your cue.

You didn’t ponder anymore. In a hurry, you took your top and shorts off, remaining completely naked. You decided to be cool and sexy, so there was no going back now.

You pushed the shower cabin’s doors open, not even giving Joon the chance to gasp or be shocked. At light speed, you closed the doors behind you and slammed yourself against Joon, dominating his mouth with your tongue at once.

You felt his erect member against your stomach, and you felt how his lips were getting into the rhythm of yours.

He probably didn’t really know what was going on, but he decided to play along.

You felt the hot water pouring down your body, taking all of your fatigue and pain away. Your bodies were glued together, sweat mixed with water, making everything so erotic.

You stopped the kiss and bit his lower lip, pulling onto it and making him hiss.

You wrapped your hand around Joon’s cock and starting spreading his juices over the tip of his member. A moan escaped his mouth by your sudden intimate touch.

'Tell me Joonie, what was I doing in your fantasies? Show me what you want me to do.', you said in the sexiest tone you were capable of and licked his lips.

He was panting in an exaggerate manner, and you knew that he was close without you even doing anything more than slightly touching him.

But then, he took a quick glance down his member and looked at you again.

'Suck me.', he moaned and you smirked.

You got on your knees, feeling his member already pulsating in your hand. You both knew he would come in no time.

At first, you slid your tongue across the tip of his cock, teasing his slit. You then felt his fingers entangling in your wet hair, pushing you. He wanted it badly.

You wrapped your lips around his head, starting to move your head. Joon let out a loud moan, throwing his head back and leaning it against the wall.
Just as you were about to increase your speed, you heard Joon’s whimper.

'I'm going to come.'

You didn’t move away, tasting his juices, hearing the beautiful naughty sounds that he was capable of.

You got up, licking your lips and looking at him with a proud look on your face. You made the almighty Lee Joon come in less than 5 minutes, without even putting a lot of effort into it.

'Now let's see if I can make you feel just as good.', Joon then said, as if he was reading your thoughts.

The roles reversed, Joon got onto his knees, kissing up your calve at first, kissing up your thigh and finally playing with his tongue close to your womanhood just to tease you.

'Eat me up already you idiot.', you whimpered and you heard a soft chuckle. Joon swung your one leg over his shoulder, getting better access to your glory.

He hardened the tip of his tongue, and without any prior preparation, he attacked your clit, moving his head at an amazing speed.

You started moaning, almost screaming, pushing his face deeper into you.
He was eating you up like no man has ever before, it was as if he knew your body better than you knew it yourself.

When he started penetrating you with his tongue and used his thumb to rub your clit, your whole body got tense, euphoria rushing over you.

You climaxed with a loud scream, feeling how you couldn’t breathe for a second.

Joon stood up and pressed himself against you, looking you directly in the eyes.

'W-We should do this more o-often.', you said through pants and gave him a smile. 'No strings attached.'

'Best idea I ever heard.', he said and kissed you again.


'I don't want to meet your mother. Such a hassle really.', you whined and rolled around the bed, putting your pillow over your head.

'Aishhh, this girl really! Stop behaving like a 5-year old!', Joon scolded and tried to pull you off the bed but you didn’t budge. ‘I should’ve never become your boyfriend.’

You took the pillow off your face and gave him a frowned look.

'Remember who came to me 5 months ago, drunk and almost crying, begging me to date him because he loved me too much and couldn't live without me?, you asked and tried to hold a laugh in.

'I don't know what you're talking about.', he said and looked in some other direction.

'You might not, but me and Mir surely remember. It was just your luck that he was in the other room hearing your oh so romantic love confession.', you said and chuckled.

'Shut up!!', he said in a childish way and jumped on the bed, wrapping his hand around your neck and hitting your head with his knuckles. ‘You love me too you fool. Say it! Say it!’, he said and applied more pressure.

'Neveeeeer~', you cried and felt how his hits got harder. 'Okay okay, I love you! Are you pleased now?', you said and felt him letting go of you. He got off the bed again and smirked at you.

'She said she loved me, what a loser!’, he teased and chuckled.

'Ya!', you screamed. 'I'm never going to meet your mother! Go and have dinner with her by yourself.'

He hurriedly came back on the bed and embraced you, kissing you all over.

'I love you I love you, please put something cute on and come meet my mother, okay?’, he said and hugged you so tightly, almost taking your breath away.

'He loves me. What a loser.', you whispered.

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NOTE: So nobody will get confused, the first part is from your point of view (the reader’s POV), the second part is from G.O’s point of view and the final part is from my (the writer’s) point of view! I’ve never written anything in this form so I hope everyone will enjoy this! x

You felt his eyes on you as soon as he stepped into the room. Everyone was politely greeting him, bowing in front of him, smothering him, but you weren’t having any of that. He was the boss’ son, but that didn’t mean you had to belittle yourself in front of him. And that’s why you became his target.

You tried not to make eye-contact, you tried to act as if you were busy with some files at your desk, but he still came over.

'Hello oh mighty queen, may I greet you today?', he asked and huffed in a contemptuous way.

Hello.’, you said and looked for a mere second at him and then turned away. ‘I am busy.’

'Say, why do you hate me so much?', he asked as he leaned closer, frowning at you. ‘Is it because I’m not an idol like those fools you like?’

Whenever he got the chance, he would nitpick at your passions. It was driving you crazy. You didn’t even know how he found out that you liked K-POP.

'Please stop disturbing me while I'm workin, Byunghee.', you coldly replied.

'This is exactly why you're so stiff, because you're always working. Going out from time to time won't harm you, you know?', he said in an insulting way, and just as you were about to burst out in anger, his father called him.

'Son, what are you doing? Stop bothering my workers and come into my office.'

Just before leaving, he gave you a cocky smirk.

You were insanely angry. What did he know about you anyway? How come he told you how to lead your life? He didn’t know how much you were going out neither what you were doing during your free time. It was driving you insane when you saw the way he was looking at you, seeing you as a mere peasent in his father’s kingdom.

You hated having him around you, yet, you didn’t hate it. Your feelings were contradicting each other driving you more than confuse. At one point you wanted to slap him and rip his head off, at another point you wanted to rip his clothes off and make him moan your name.

You didn’t want to think about him anymore, even thinking about him was making you ooze with wrath. You grabbed your files and walked to the copy machine, finishing the work that you had for today.


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