As soon as she walked into the coffee shop, she saw him, sitting at a table. Their table.

Her fingers were tightening around her purse’s straps, her whole body stiff.

She didn’t know what to do, should she go on or leave as fast as she could?

When she decided to visit this place again, she never would have thought she’d find him there.

Her emotions and feelings were creating a battlefield inside of her, she didn’t know if she could face him, she didn’t know if she could endure speaking to him.

She almost walked towards him, but when their eyes locked, she knew she had to get out of there, she knew she couldn’t do it.

His face complete distorted when she saw her. His eyes were ready to fall out of their sockets, his lips slightly parting.

When he saw her turning around, ready to leave, he jumped from his seat and rushed after her, grabbing her wrist.

’______!’, he almost shouted so that the other few customers looked at the two of them.

Her hand still tight on her purse, she slowly turned her head around.

'Don't leave. Let's have a coffee together.', he said and looked with hopeful eyes at her.

She slightly nodded and started walking towards the table, hanging her purse around the chair’s backrest. Shyly, he followed her, sitting across from her, hoisting his one elbow on the table and burying his chin into it, a habit she knew too well.

Her hands were placed onto her lap, and she wasn’t looking at him, she couldn’t look at him.

The atmosphere was tense, stiff and awkward, neither of them saying anything.

After minutes of complete silence, the waitress came to their table.

'Do you know what you'll have or should I bring you a menu?', the waitress addressed her.

'A caramel machiatto', they said in unison and she felt her heart stop beating for a second.

Right away.’, the waitress replied and chuckled at their sync.

Now, she was looking at him, her eyes bigger than usually.

'I'm sorry. Reflex.’, he then finally spoke and awkwardly scratched the back of his head, chuckling.

Her heart was already hurting and it was only the beginning.

'Have you been well?', he then asked and grabbed his iced americano between his palms. She didn’t need to see what he was drinking, she already knew.

'Mm.', she mumbled and nodded a little. 'I've been well. You?', she asked, but she didn't want to know. She didn't want to know how he's been, she didn't want to know how well he's been after they broke up.

'Bad.', he then suddenly answered, looking down at his drink. His answer took her by surprise.

'Bad? Why?', she asked. 'I heard that you got a raise at the school. Have things changed since I left?', she asked and his heart started aching.

That’s right, she left. Like trash, she deserted him as if he meant nothing to her.

'Things changed because you left.', he answered and looked her dead in the eye.

She bit her inner lip, hardly trying not to show him how perplexed she actually was.

'Haksaeng, why did you come today to this cafe?', he asked, piercing her eyes with his, making her heart rip her chest.

Hearing him calling her like that again was too much for her, too many memories and flashbacks were drowning her mind.

'Then what about you seonsaengnim, why did you come? Did you perhaps miss me?', she asked, her tone just as ice-cold as his.

Suddenly, the waitress appeared, putting the caramel machiatto in front of her.

She hurriedly took a sip of it, trying to calm down.

'Of course I missed you. I missed you like crazy.', he replied and she almost choked.

He wanted to tell her all the things that he couldn’t these past months. He wanted to tell her that he felt like dying because he didn’t see her, he wanted to tell her that he wanted her back and that he loved her more than anybody else.

'I wanted to have a normal conversation, but it seems like that's not possible with you, seonsaengnim.', she said and put extra pressure on the last word.

Just as she was about to get up, his words stopped her.

'I never remembered you as such a weak student. Are you this scared of confrontation?', he angrily exclaimed at her and she stood still, looking at him.

'Hah! Look at you!', she mockingly huffed and gave him a sarcastic laugh. 'Are you actually going to call me a coward after what you did?', she said and he remained still. 'Do you think you're in any position of calling somebody else weak? After breaking up with me because you were too fucking scared that you might lose your job?', she was starting to get angry, blood rushing to her eyes. 'Your job as a teacher was more important to you than me, and you dare calling me weak? FUCK YOU.', she almost shouted and people started to look at them.

'Is that what you think?', he asked, complete shock written all over his face. 'Are you insane?! Is that why you think I broke up with you? Is that why you never replied to any of my messages? Is that why you never picked up your phone? The worst part is I could never even come to your home, because your mother knew that I was your teacher!', he asked, his voice becoming louder as well.

'That day, why couldn't you just listen to everything I had to say?! You just stormed out in the middle of my explanation. Is that why you changed schools, because you thought that was my reason?', he asked, so baffled he didn’t know if he should cry, scream or laugh.

'What other reason could there have been?!', she exclaimed loudly.

'I couldn't care less about my job as a teacher! You were so much more important to me than anything else concerning my life! Only one word from you, and I would have quit!

It wasn’t me I was worried about, it was you! If they would have found out about us, I could’ve easily found another job. But what about you ________, huh? If people would have found out, how do you think this would’ve looked in your school record? How do you think people would’ve looked at you, HUH?’, he yelled and she felt her lungs almost giving up on her.

'I didn't want you to be mocked because of me, I wasn't worth it! I didn't want you to suffer because of me, I didn't want you to suffer because your teacher fell in love with his student!', he continued and more heads turned.

She didn’t know what to say, she didn’t know how to react, she was just blankly staring at him.

'But is it my fault after all? Even if I'm a teacher, how could I not fall in love with such a student? A student so beautiful and funny and smart like all the other ones combined? How could I not fall in love with a student whose smile is brighter than the sun?', he asked and his eyes were sparkling, his expression clearly showing her his frustrations.

’______, do you remember the first time we kissed?’, he then continued, and still, she wasn’t able to say anything. She was just looking with a painful expression at him. 'The day you stayed longer after classes, and you asked me to explain something to you. And then…then…you kissed me, so passionately and purely at the same time, and I realized, you weren't just a student, you were also a woman, a woman who craves and desires me just as much as I crave and desire her.', he said and wanted to touch her hand, but she quickly pulled it away.

'I can't do this.', she whispered, tears fighting to get out of her eyes.

She quickly grabbed her purse and walked towards the door, but he stopped her again.

'So what are you going to do?! Put your feelings for me aside?!', he yelled after her and stood up, and now the whole cafe’s attention was on them.

She angrily turned around, the tears rolling down her cheeks.

'I've been doing that for such a long time, I've become pretty damn good at it!', she screamed back, biting her lower lip and trying to control herself.

She didn’t want to leave, she didn’t want to get separated from him again, she wanted him to chase her, she wanted him to tell her that everything was going to be alright.

He slowly walked towards her, not caring about the other people.

He was in pain when he was seeing her cry and she was childishly wiping her tears with the back of her palm away.

He needed to tell her those words now, so it wouldn’t be too late. And he knew she needed to hear them as well.

’______, please forgive me. I never wanted us to break up, I never wanted for you to suffer, I just wanted to make it easier for you, but it seems like I failed miserable, please forgive me.’, he confessed as he was now standing right in front of her.

Eyes and cheeks still wet, she looked up at him, the tears still not stopping.

'Seonsaengnim…', she said in a sad, heartbreaking voice. 'Do you remember all the afternoons where we were sneaking around the school? Do you remember those days when we were crazy about each other? Do you remember how passionately you were kissing me, as if it was the last time you would kiss me?', she asked, and without wasting one second, he cupped her face with both hands and pressed his lips against hers.

He could feel her fingers clinging onto the back of his shirt, her body pressing harder against his.

The kiss felt so new, yet so nostalgic. Their tongues fighting, their lips extracting each other’s taste, their lungs sharing the same breath.

The few customers in the cafe started clapping, but they didn’t care.

They were finally together again, no misunderstandings, no feelings of hatred, no resentment. Their bodies were doing all the talking, and they understood each other better than they ever did.


Told you I’d be back soon, and here I am! With a Joonie scenario on top of that, woot woot!

I had loads of fun writing this, I’ve been thinking about this scenario all day long yesterday and I finally found the time to write it! Hope ya’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Lemme know what you all think!

For the request: “Can you please make a scenario inspired by Ailee’s new MV with Joon but without him cheating and a happier end? Basically he could be her teacher and they were in love but eventually break up but in the end they realize they can’t stay apart. I just really love teacher-student relationships (for anon)”. I hope you like how this came out anon, let me know!!!!

Lots of love and see you soon, C! xx



Christmas music was playing all around the chalet. People were having fun while chatting and drinking punch. Smiling, radiating faces were everywhere, and you could almost see the Christmas spirit flying around the room.

'Minhyeok-a, what did you buy for your girlfriend this year?', you heard someone next to you ask.

'I just put a bow on myself!', the guy who was probably Minhyeok answered and laughed. You couldn’t help but giggle a little bit as well.

You turned your head and looked into Joon’s direction, seeing how he was occasionally stealing glimpses at you as well. A circle of friends was around him, and you could clearly see how popular he was.

It was really annoying to keep your relationship a secret, but it was better than creating a ruckus and have rumors going around.

'Excuse me for a second.', you said to the person you were having a conversation with and walked towards the bar, leaning your back against the counter.

You took a sip of your eggnog, looking over at Joon again. He looked at you and you could see the smile in his eyes. How could he make you feel like that just by looking at you?

And why did he have to dress in that coat you bought for him today of all days? He knew exactly how crazy it drove you seeing him dressed in that.

He looked stunning and you were mesmerized by his looks. Your whole body was slowly getting hot and you were suddenly pulled out of your kinky thoughts by the bartender.

'Can I give you another drink, beautiful lady?', he asked and looked at your empty glass. You drank all of it without even realizing it. That’s what an effect Joon was having on you.

'Or maybe you shouldn't drink anymore? Your cheeks are all red!', he said and chuckled, obviously trying to flirt with you.

'Shut up!', you coldly said and placed the empty glass on the counter,walking away, not even knowing why you got so mad at that guy. You were too frustrated because of Lee Joon.

You walked to a corner of the room where you could still see Joon, taking your phone out of purse and sending him a message.

>Joonieee, let’s go home, jebal~~~~<3 I want youuuu<, you sent him and eagerly looked at him.

For a mere second, he just looked at his screen and stuck his phone back into his pocket, not even bothering replying to you. He was too concentrated on his conversation with that stinky, old, bearded man.

'Are we playing hard to get tonight?', you talked to yourself and huffed. 'If you wanna play, I can play.'

You looked around the room and saw that people weren’t really paying attention to you, so you decided to take some pictures.

Firstly, you took a picture of your closed eyes since you knew that he loved your eyelashes and sent it to him. Again, he just looked at it.

You got angrier and decided to take a picture of your lips as you were biting them.

Again, no reply, but when he looked at the screen, you could see a smile spreading over his face.

Success! You got his attention!

You took another picture of your neck, your collarbones appearing in the photo as well. You clicked the send button and waited for a reaction.

When Joon looked at the screen, you saw him hardly swallowing, but still, no reply.

You were getting really mad.

Wrath and lust taking control of your body now, you hurried to the bathroom on the second floor. On the way to the bathroom, you got pretty lost, somehow getting to the last floor where nobody was in sight. You saw a cracked door and pushed it open, discovering that it was empty. You hurried in and turned on the light, closing the door behind you but not locking it.

You took a seat on the table placed in the middle of the room, deciding to take a picture of your breasts.

Still covered, you pushed them together creating a deep and sexy cleavage, taking a picture of it.

'Perfect!', you said to yourself as you saw the picture and clicked send.

Again, no reply, but you would’ve loved to see his expression when his eyes locked with the picture.

You stretched your legs forward to make them look more muscly and look a picture of them as well. You clicked send. Again, no reply. You were slowly getting frustrated but at the same time it felt as if he was provoking you, to see how far you’d go.

'Okay Joonie, let's play for real now.', you said to yourself and unzipped your dress, letting it fall to the floor.

You unclasped your bra and let it fall next to the dress, pushing your breasts together once again, taking a picture of your bare breasts. You were happy that your nipples were hard.

You sent him the picture and finally, a reply came, but you weren’t pleased by it.

>________, why are you doing this to me?!?!<, he said while sounding a little bit desperate.

>I told you I’m horny you idiot.<, you replied to him and sighed deeply. A response came shortly after.

>Can’t you wait ‘till we get home? What should I tell these guys?! That I’m vanishing because I want to have sex with my girlfriend?!<, he replied and you could really feel his frustration now. Jackpot!

>No, I can’t wait.<, you simply said and your screen lightened up seconds after you sent it.

>They’ve all been waiting for me, I can’t just ditch them, and you know that! Jagi…please…<, he said and you got extremly angry. His reply almost felt like a rejection and you felt insulted. But you weren’t one to give up.

You were wearing a thong so you also took a picture of your ass, sending it to him. He didn’t reply again.

You started to look through your pictures, stumbling upon some pictures you took of Joon 3 days ago. He was in the shower, all wet, all foamy, his member half-erect.

You remember how he was telling you to close the shower cabin’s doors since the whole floor would get wet and how you should stop taking pictures of him, but you weren’t listening.

He was too handsome and too sexy.

By looking at those pictures you got even hotter, slowly lowering your hand towards your womanhood. You couldn’t help but play with yourself.

At that point, you weren’t capable of taking any pictures anymore. Through huffing and panting, you called him, and the phone ringed a couple of times before he picked up.

I told you to stop alrea-’, he wanted to scold you but stopped mid-sentence as he heard a moan.

He didn’t say anything for a while. You could only hear loud voices from his side and moans from your side.

You pressed your finger harder against your clit and moaned again. Finally, he said something.

’_____, a-a-are you t-touching yourself?’, he whispered into the phone, but this time, you were the one not replying.

Just hearing his voice was turning you on even more.

Stop.’, he demanded and you moaned even louder. 'Please stop, please.', he begged and you decided to tease him even more by moaning his name. That was what he was getting for ignoring you.

'J-Joonie, ah, Joonie.', you moaned into the phone.

'Stop that. I wanna do that to you.', he said and you could hear the desperation in his tone.

You moaned again, almost shouting his name, and through heavy breathing, you told him that you were in a room on the last floor.

He didn’t say anything, being intrerupted by someone. Joon excused himself and told him he would soon join the conversation again.

You moaned his name again, screaming it like a crazy person.

'I beg of you, stop! I can't come, I'm stuck here! Please, stop!', he begged but you didn’t care.

'Oh god, Joonie, oh god.', you screamed and felt how your climax was approaching at a crazy speed.

'Joon-hyeong, come on already!', the same person interrupted him again, but this time, Joon was having none of it.

'WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY?!', Joon yelled at him and you could hear that he started running, to find you.

It took him some time to find the room, so before he did, you already finished.

You could hear his desperation by the way he was asking you what room it was.

'Where the fuck is that fucking room dammit all!?!', he was screaming into the phone.

Since you were still angry for being ignored, you told him that there was no need for him to come anymore.

'I'm done.', you said, and just as those words slipped from your mouth and you were about to put your bra back on, the door got pushed open, Joon storming in, letting his phone fall to the ground.

He shut the door behind him and brutally took his tie off, ripping the buttons of his shirt and throwing it on the floor.

'Believe me, you're not done.'


Did you guys all like the Christmas special? I surely loved writing it since it was an AMAZING idea from Seriously guys, she comes up with amazing scenarios! Hehehe!

I just added something here and there and changed some things and, voila!

Merry Christmas to all of you and hopefully you all got what you wished for for Christmas! Lemme know what you thought of this scenario!

Lots of love and see you soon, C! xx


'Mir, where are the pills?', you asked, eyes half-open half-closed, trying not to let the light that was shining through the windows make your headache even worse.

'Mmmmm.', Mir mumbled something inaudible and turned around in the bed.

'Yaaaaa~', you exclaimed and slightly kicked him in the butt. 'My head's bursting! Where are the migraine pills?'

'Aishhh, so annoying!', Mir hissed. ‘There are no pills left. Only those hangover juices. Now let me sleep you idiot.’, he said and hissed again. Talking like that to his best friend, you wanted to smack him but held back.

You hardly sighed and felt how your temples were pumping with heat and pain, but you would never drink those disgusting natural juices again. You decided to just bear with your pain and you swore to yourself to never ever put another drop of alocohol into your mouth.

You stood up from the bed, your whole body sore. Mir was already snoring again. That guy would fall asleep in mili-seconds.

You slapped your cheeks to get a grip of yourself and looked at the clock. It was already 12PM.

'Why did I have to drink so much? And why did that idiot who's supposely my best friend let me drink so much? Aishhh~', you cursed and took a quick glimpse at Mir, cursing the fact that he wasn't feeling as bad as you even though he drank twice as much as you. You started massaging your temples while walking out of Mir's bedroom, towards the bathroom.

Still not completely awake, you walked into the bathroom without even hearing the shower and without feeling the moisture of the steam. You were too hungover. You didn’t even realize something was odd when you had to wipe the mirror to see yourself. You just accepted things how they were and grabbed Mir’s toothbrush.

'I'm sure he won't mind. I'm his bestie.', you whispered to yourself and put some toothpaste on it, slowly starting to brush your teeth. You liked tasting the minty flavor on your tongue, it made last night's bitter and gross alcohol go away.

Just as you were about to spit it out, you heard something, and you completely petrified.

'Ahhh ahhhh _______. Oh god, _______.', you heard moaning in the shower. Just then, you realized that you weren’t alone. The sound of water pouring also made its way into your ears. And it wasn’t just anyone’s moaning, it was Joon’s. And he was moaning your name.

'Oh my god!', you whispered to yourself, your eyes wide with shock. In a hurry, you spit the toothpaste out and cleansed your mouth. 'Oh my god!', you said again, not believing what you were hearing.

'Oh god ______, just like that! Ahhh!', Joon continued with his moans.

Just by hearing him like that, it felt as if you got completely over your hungover. You couldn’t even feel your headache anymore.

'What do I do what do I do?!', you were asking yourself in a panicked manner.

'Ahhh, you taste so good _______.’, Joon moaned again. He was seriously masturbating while he was thinking about you, and that was turning you on so much you could barely believe it.

You always found Joon irresistable, and you found him adorable as well. You got to know him pretty well since you were visiting Mir’s dorm so often, but you never actually made a move.

You didn’t find he would be the relationship-type of guy for you, but you definitely wouldn’t have said no to a good round of rough meaningless sex with him. And it seemed like he was attracted to you too.

'What do I do oh my god!', you asked yourself again.

'Oh god, I'm so close _______.', he said, and it felt like that was your cue.

You didn’t ponder anymore. In a hurry, you took your top and shorts off, remaining completely naked. You decided to be cool and sexy, so there was no going back now.

You pushed the shower cabin’s doors open, not even giving Joon the chance to gasp or be shocked. At light speed, you closed the doors behind you and slammed yourself against Joon, dominating his mouth with your tongue at once.

You felt his erect member against your stomach, and you felt how his lips were getting into the rhythm of yours.

He probably didn’t really know what was going on, but he decided to play along.

You felt the hot water pouring down your body, taking all of your fatigue and pain away. Your bodies were glued together, sweat mixed with water, making everything so erotic.

You stopped the kiss and bit his lower lip, pulling onto it and making him hiss.

You wrapped your hand around Joon’s cock and starting spreading his juices over the tip of his member. A moan escaped his mouth by your sudden intimate touch.

'Tell me Joonie, what was I doing in your fantasies? Show me what you want me to do.', you said in the sexiest tone you were capable of and licked his lips.

He was panting in an exaggerate manner, and you knew that he was close without you even doing anything more than slightly touching him.

But then, he took a quick glance down his member and looked at you again.

'Suck me.', he moaned and you smirked.

You got on your knees, feeling his member already pulsating in your hand. You both knew he would come in no time.

At first, you slid your tongue across the tip of his cock, teasing his slit. You then felt his fingers entangling in your wet hair, pushing you. He wanted it badly.

You wrapped your lips around his head, starting to move your head. Joon let out a loud moan, throwing his head back and leaning it against the wall.
Just as you were about to increase your speed, you heard Joon’s whimper.

'I'm going to come.'

You didn’t move away, tasting his juices, hearing the beautiful naughty sounds that he was capable of.

You got up, licking your lips and looking at him with a proud look on your face. You made the almighty Lee Joon come in less than 5 minutes, without even putting a lot of effort into it.

'Now let's see if I can make you feel just as good.', Joon then said, as if he was reading your thoughts.

The roles reversed, Joon got onto his knees, kissing up your calve at first, kissing up your thigh and finally playing with his tongue close to your womanhood just to tease you.

'Eat me up already you idiot.', you whimpered and you heard a soft chuckle. Joon swung your one leg over his shoulder, getting better access to your glory.

He hardened the tip of his tongue, and without any prior preparation, he attacked your clit, moving his head at an amazing speed.

You started moaning, almost screaming, pushing his face deeper into you.
He was eating you up like no man has ever before, it was as if he knew your body better than you knew it yourself.

When he started penetrating you with his tongue and used his thumb to rub your clit, your whole body got tense, euphoria rushing over you.

You climaxed with a loud scream, feeling how you couldn’t breathe for a second.

Joon stood up and pressed himself against you, looking you directly in the eyes.

'W-We should do this more o-often.', you said through pants and gave him a smile. 'No strings attached.'

'Best idea I ever heard.', he said and kissed you again.


'I don't want to meet your mother. Such a hassle really.', you whined and rolled around the bed, putting your pillow over your head.

'Aishhh, this girl really! Stop behaving like a 5-year old!', Joon scolded and tried to pull you off the bed but you didn’t budge. ‘I should’ve never become your boyfriend.’

You took the pillow off your face and gave him a frowned look.

'Remember who came to me 5 months ago, drunk and almost crying, begging me to date him because he loved me too much and couldn't live without me?, you asked and tried to hold a laugh in.

'I don't know what you're talking about.', he said and looked in some other direction.

'You might not, but me and Mir surely remember. It was just your luck that he was in the other room hearing your oh so romantic love confession.', you said and chuckled.

'Shut up!!', he said in a childish way and jumped on the bed, wrapping his hand around your neck and hitting your head with his knuckles. ‘You love me too you fool. Say it! Say it!’, he said and applied more pressure.

'Neveeeeer~', you cried and felt how his hits got harder. 'Okay okay, I love you! Are you pleased now?', you said and felt him letting go of you. He got off the bed again and smirked at you.

'She said she loved me, what a loser!’, he teased and chuckled.

'Ya!', you screamed. 'I'm never going to meet your mother! Go and have dinner with her by yourself.'

He hurriedly came back on the bed and embraced you, kissing you all over.

'I love you I love you, please put something cute on and come meet my mother, okay?’, he said and hugged you so tightly, almost taking your breath away.

'He loves me. What a loser.', you whispered.

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'A friend of mine is going to join us for dinner. You don't mind, right?', I asked you, trying to warm up my hands in my jacket's pockets. It was getting chilly outside.

'Of course not. Your friends are always so funny.', you answered and smiled at me. 'Is it someone I know?'

'Nope. You never met him before. I don't know him so well either, just met him 2 months ago.', I explained.

If only I knew how much pain that evening would bring to me, I would have never entered that restaurant.

As soon as we met him, your look became soft and submissive.

'Wow, Chang Sun-hyeong, you never told me you have such a mesmerizing girlfriend!’, my friend stated.

'No no! We're not together! We're just friends!', you instantly denied his affirmation, waving in negation with your hands in front of you.

It was too easy for you. It was too easy for you to say that you weren’t mine.

'Aaa, I'm relieved!', he exclaimed and sighed. ‘I was really jealous of you, Chang Sun-hyeong!’, he added and jokingly punched my arm.

He gave you one, two compliments, and your cheeks became scarlet.

'Oh stop it, you!', you cutely said and poked him with your shoulder.

Your body language was screaming that you were attracted to him.

'I don't even know your name yet!', you then said.

'I'm Shin Soohyun. But please call me Soo.', he replied and made a short pause. 'Or better, call me oppa.'


We picked a table and sat down. I was feeling like I was being suffocated.

You always told me about your lovelife, and I always beared it somehow. But now, now it was different.

You were flirting with another guy, and I was present.

'Should we drink some wine?', you then asked and Soohyun instantly agreed. I vividly remember how he told me once that he can’t stand wine. He liked you, a lot.

And I was standing there like a fool, holding all of my wrath it. I was getting warm, I huffed and loosened the collar of my shirt.

'I don't want wine.', I said in a colder tone than intended.

You looked at me, frowning.

'You love wine. What's wrong?', you scolded me contemptuously.

'What do you mean?', I asked, trying to act stupid.

'Are you mad at me?'

'No no, I'm not in a good mood today, that's all.’, I replied, trying to give you a smile.

'You were in a good mood before.'

'It can't be, I ruined your evening?’, Soohyun asked in an exaggerate manner. He did. He ruined my evening.

'Of course not, don't be silly oppa!', you replied while scanning through the menu. 'You made our evening better.'

You called him oppa. Never in your life have you ever called me that.

You smiled at him. A smile so tender and soft I couldn’t believe my eyes. You always smiled at me, but not in that way. Not in such a seductive way.

I felt like I was about to die.

The wine made me bear it all better. Wine always made everything better, no matter how much sorrow was circling around me.

'How can your laughter be so addicting?', Soohyun asked at some point, making me wish I was deaf.

He was unobtrusively looking around, craving for your closeness, and you were getting weak knees in front of him.

I never saw you play with a strand of your hair until that night. I never saw you bite your lower lip while laughing before.

Sometimes, you were trying to hide your desire for him, but then again you were incessantly looking over to him as he was giving you infinite small signs that he liked you.

And I was there too. I was about to lose you to him.

'The ramyeon here is delicious!', you exclaimed at some point and I agreed. 'Joonie really loves ramyeon, so you should treat your hyeong to lunch sometimes.', you then told him, making me feel a little better.

The good feeling didn’t last for a long time, since soon enough you were giving me subtle signs that you regretted me being there.

A mute flirting was taking place, and you were melting before him. He was nonchalantly pulling you into his nets, and you didn’t mind it at all.

I hated him. I hated him so much like I never hated anyone else. I hated his guts and his good looks. I hated his humor and I hated his chivalrous self. I hated everything about him that made you like him.

I was only getting the cold shoulder from you. Never has that happened before.

You were almost ignoring me and my heart was in pain.

Soohyun was really crossing the line and my anger was boiling.

'Would you perhaps give me your phone number?', he asked and smiled at you.

'Why?', you asked, wanting to hear it directly even though you already knew it.

'Because I want to see you again.', he replied and acted as if he was embarrassed.

I got up, almost slamming my hand onto the table.

'Be right back. I'm going to smoke outside.', I said and grabbed my jacket, getting out of the restaurant as fast as I could, without looking back.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Even if I was about to lose you to him, I didn’t want to see it with my own eyes.

I started to walk, not knowing in which direction I was headed, until I heard a shout behind me.

'Joon!', you yelled and I turned around. 'Joonie!', you yelled again, coming closer to me. You were panting. You were still meters away from me.

'Where do you think you're going?’, you asked, your breathing heavy.

'How did you know I left?', I asked.

'You're not a smoker, you idiot.', you explained, trying to come closer to me. 'Where are you going?'

'I don't know. Somewhere. Anywhere.', I answered and stuck my hands into my jacket. You were freezing. You rushed out of the restaurant without putting your coat on.

'Why?', you asked, a confused expression on your face.

'Just because.', I replied and gave you a weak smile. You wanted to say something, to scold me or to shout at me for being childish, but I interrupted you.

'Bye.', I said and turned around, ignoring your calls, rushing out of your sight as soon as I could, hoping the Seoul lights would bring be to a painless place.


Most of you wanted a sad scenario, so here you go!

I haven’t written any Joon scenario in so long, mian. ;A; But here you go! I’m giving you a sad Joonie ahahaha!

This was no request, and once again, it’s a scenario inspired by one of Roger Cicero’s songs.

This one right here!

Definitely check it out guys because it’s breathtaking! 

People who can speak German will enjoy it a lot, but for you folks who can’t speak German I translated the lyrics. Here you go:


As soon as we saw him
Your look became soft and submissive
He gave you one, two compliments
And your cheeks became scarlet
Your body-language screamed
I like this guy, a lot!
And I’m there too

And I’m staying here like a fool
Holding my wrath in
And you’re scolding me contemptuously: “What’s wrong?”
"What do you mean? No no, I’m not in a good mood.
I’m not in a good mood today.”

He’s looking unobtrusively around
Craving for your closeness
And you’re getting weak knees around him
And I’m about to.. (this is a worldplay in German since “Ich bin dabei” means “I’m about to” but also “I’m there too”. Fucking amazing lyrics dude)

I’m about to

I’m about to

I’m about to lose you to him

You’re trying to avoid it
But you’re incessantly looking over to him
He’s giving you a thousand small signs
And you’re hopelessly melting
A mute flirting takes its course
He is sucking you into his nets
And I’m there too

And I feel how you’re regretting that I came along
I’m only getting the cold shoulder and boiling with anger
This guy, he’s really crossing the line and my mood is getting worse

He’s looking unobtrusively around
Craving for your closeness
And you’re getting weak knees around him
And I’m about to.. 

I’m about to

I’m about to

I’m about to lose you to him


So tell me guys what you think about it, kay? Stay tuned for my next scenario! ^O^ Lots of love, C! xx

P.S sorry for the crappy edit of the Joon picture I wasn’t really skilled tonight. ;A;

P.P.S I’m too obsessed with Roger Cicero these days. HE IS A GOD


W-Where am I?’, he asked as he slowly opened his eyes, looking at you. You smirked at him and cracked your neck.

'You're in my bedroom.', you replied and licked your lips, your every hormone burning with anticipation for what was about to come.

He looked at his bondaged wrists and his pupils dilated.

'What's this?', he asked, angrier than before, jerking his wrists but you made sure to tie him so he wouldn’t get away. His behavior was making it hard for you to hold back.

'You said you wanted this, didn't you? No one forces you to become one of us.', you said and walked towards the bed, placing a knee onto the mattress and tracing the line between his biceps with your nail. You could smell his hot blood. If you weren't in love with him you would've killed him and drank all of him until now.

'I wanted this..? What do you mean?', his eyes were piercing yours.

'You said you wanted to become a vampire, right?', you asked and leaned closer to his face, feeling his blood pulsating in his veins. 'This is your initiation, Joonie.'

His eyes flew open once again. He was shocked by the discovery, you could feel it in the temperature of his blood, but strangely enough, you didn’t sense any rejection in his veins.

'W-What are you going to do to me?', he slightly stuttered and swallowed hardly. Just then, he looked at you. You were only wearing lacy, black underwear, and on top of that, you were wearing kinky fishnets. His blood was getting hotter. He was turned on.

'You like this?', you asked and smirked, licking your bottom lip.

No reply came from him. If any other man wouldn’t have answered one of your questions, he was doomed. You were the queen of the vampire kingdom, the greatest there was. Every man was terrified of you, and surely they had their reasons. You searched for your ideal mate many times, but every male vampire out there failed to impress you, resulting in you cold-heartedly killing them. 

Until one day, while you were roaming in the human world. You saw him, his blinding aura taking your breath away. You had to have him, you wanted him to be the father of your children. From that day, you assigned many of your men to constantly watch him, and little by little, he was taught about the vampire world.

Not long after, he gave in to the idea of being immortal. Humans were foolish. Once the word immortality was spoken out they’d do anything for it.

Not losing anymore precious time, you got on top of him, sitting on his legs, your knees placed on the mattress.

He was looking at your chest, his eyes full of depth. The blood in his penis was rising in temperature. Initiating him would become way easier than you expected.

You entangled your fingers into his hair and pulled his head back, revealing his flawless neck. You only wanted to dig your fangs into that delicious-looking piece of heaven, but you knew you had to hold back.

You started to slide your tongue across his adam’s apple, hearing how soft moans were escaping his throat. You never thought that he would enjoy your touch.

While licking him, you made your nails grow just enough so you could rip his white, unnecessary shirt open. When he hissed, you realized that he got surprised.

You let go of his hair and started kissing down his chest, starting to suck onto his nipple. You didn’t have to use your senses to feel if he was getting excited anymore, the pumping erection under you was telling you everything.

'Please…', Joon then suddenly begged and you looked at him. ’..More. I want more of you.’

Your breath was getting heavier. He wanted more of you. Did he really find you attractive?

'W-What do you want?', you asked, ashamed of your own nervousness. For a second there, you lost your confidence. You didn't know what to do next.

'Please..kiss me on my lips. Please..', he begged once again.

You never kissed the males you were having sex with on the lips. It felt too personal and too intimate. Thinking about it, you never even had a first kiss.

You leaned forwards, your heart ready to break your chest.

'Are you nervous?', Joon then asked you, taking you completely by surprise. How could he know? He wasn’t a vampire yet, there was no way he could sense the warmth in your blood.

Not replying, you pressed your lips against his. The sensation was surreal. The flesh of his lips was so soft you couldn’t believe it.

Then, following your instincts, you penetrated his mouth, your tongue dancing with his. Diving into the kiss and not paying attention to your movements, you grazed his tongue with your fang, tasting his delicious blood. Your whole body got tense, the feeling of his blood on your tongue turning you on like nothing else. He tasted so differently from vampires. Humans were amazing in some ways, their blood tasted like pure innocence.

Still kissing him, you grabbed behind your back, unhooking your bra and letting it slide down your arms. 

As you pressed your naked breasts against his bare chest, you felt his blood accelerating once again. He was enjoying your body.

You grabbed down his jeans and unzipped them, finally ungluing your mouth from his and licking the traces of his blood from your lips.

You leaned back, creating more space between your bodies. You pulled down his jeans and threw them off the bed. His boxers were stained with his pre-cum, showing his excitement.

He was looking at your half-naked body, breathing heavily, his eyes so dark they were almost scaring you. 

'You're beautiful.', he then suddenly said as if he answered your unspoken question. Your stomach got tense and you were desperately fighting the urge to lengthen your claws and to rip him apart. Hissing and showing your fangs, you grabbed his hair once again and threw his head backwards, starting to rub his member through his boxers.

'Why aren't you afraid of me?!', you almost shouted into his ear, feeling how your voice was vibrating with wrath. 

No man ever dared to watch you like that. No man ever dared to tell you that you were beautiful. How dare he, a mere human, compliment you?

Joon started to moan due to the pressure that you were applying onto his member. His lustful sounds were like heaven to your ears. You were ashamed of yourself for being so attracted to him.

'Answer me!', you shouted again and pulled more aggressively onto his hair.

'B-Because', he stuttered, moaning between words, ‘B-because I-I know that you won’t harm me.’

His answer embarrassed you. If you couldn’t even scare a mortal, the vampires would soon ambush you and take your throne.

'Don't be so sure.', you hissed into his ear and let go of his hair, taking his boxers down and revealing his pulsating erection. 

You got rid of your panties as well, remaining in your fishnets. Joon’s eyes were even darker than before. 

You placed your womanhood on top of his member, slowly lowering yourself onto it, fighting the urge to moan with pleasure. He wasn’t holding back though. The sensation of your inner walls clutching around his manhood was sending him over the edge. You could feel every ounce of his blood going crazy.

You started to move, your hips doing their job. He felt so good inside of you you couldn’t believe it. No vampire was able to give you such pleasure. Is this the kind of effect love was having on you?

You placed your hands onto his shoulders, digging your nails into his flesh. You could feel drops of warm blood under your fingertips.

When you felt your orgasm approaching, you knew you had to do it. For his initiation to be complete, for him to be a pure-blood vampire and not a low-rank one, you had to bite him right before climaxing, but something, something was holding you back.

>I know you won’t harm me.< Those words were swirling through your mind. You were afraid of hurting him, you were afraid of turning him into one of you. What if he would change once he became immortal? That thought was terrifying you even more than the effect he was having on you.

'DO IT!', Joon then suddenly yelled.

Instinctively, you leaned your mouth down the side of his neck and dug your fangs into his flesh. The sensation of his blood on your taste buds was making your orgasm approach faster. Strangely, Joon wasn’t yelling in pain as you expected him to, he was moaning. He was moaning your name. Your name was gliding over his beautiful lips.

You pulled back, scared that you might drink too much of him. Then, as anticipated, your orgasm hit you and so did his. You felt him releasing his pleasure into you, his load coating your inner walls.

You felt like you couldn’t breathe. You looked at the two tiny wounds on Joon’s neck, seeing how a little bit of blood was dripping out of them.

His head was thrown backwards. He was trying to regulate his breathing. 

You were exhausted. You just wanted to fall asleep right there, but vampires weren’t supposed to show fatigue.

You got up from him, at once cutting the leather around his wrists with your nails.

His arms fell next to him, a dark-red trace visible on his wrists.

Just as you were about to get up from the bed, you felt his arms swinging around your stomach, pulling you into his embrace. Your bare back was pressed against his naked body and you felt as if your heart was ready to melt.

'What are you doing human!? Let go of me this instant!', you said but there was no sign of threat in your voice, and you weren't doing anything to remove his hands from you. Once again, you were ashamed of you.

'Stop, please stop talking like that.', he whispered and placed his chin on your shoulder. 'You're in love with me and I'm in love with you, why are you behaving like this?'

You felt the honesty in his blood, but you couldn’t believe him.

'What?', you asked. 

'My transformation will be complete soon, right? Can't we be together then? I'm not enough for you as a human, but am I enough as a vampire?', he asked. For a reason, you felt as if tears were about to drown your eyes.

'You are in love with me?', you finally dared to ask.

'Yes. From the first day I saw you in my world. Your aura was blinding me. You are beyond breathtaking.'

After hearing his words, you wanted to get away from him, you wanted to be miles away from him.

'Don't. Please, don't fight it. I'm honest. Let us be together, in your world, forever.'

A thought crossed your mind. Did he want to become a vampire so he could be next to you? You didn’t dare to ask.

'Okay?', he then asked. 

'Okay.', you whispered.


Sooo, what do you guys think? This is my favorite scenario I’ve ever written. I am more than proud of it! ^^ Hope to get many messages from you guys!

And hopefully the requester likes the way I used the GIF and how the story came out kekeke! Lots of love and see you soon, C! xxx

'Are you sure you don't want me to come pick you up?', Joon’s worried voice was echoing from the other side of the phone.

'It's raining like crazy outside and it'll take me five minutes to get to your place. What's the point in you coming out?', you asked and chuckled. 'Nothing will happen to me Joonie, don't worry.'

You heard him sigh and for some seconds there was silence.

'You have an umbrella, right?', he then asked.

'Of course.', you sheepishly lied. If he knew that you forgot your umbrella at home he'd storm out of his apartment and come after you no matter what you'd say.

'Okay then. Come as quickly as you can, okay? You know how fast I become worried.'

'Gotcha!', you replied and then hung up without waiting for him to say anything else.

You got out of the library, standing in the threshold and looking at the rain pouring down.

'Just my luck.', you said to yourself. You never thought that it would rain on such a hot summer evening. A pair of denim shorts and a white tank-top was everything that was covering you. You knew that once you would arrive at Joon you would be drenched, but hell, who cared. Thinking about it more deeply, you realized that rain didn't sound like such a bad idea now. You were tired from all the reading so maybe the drops would refresh you.

Taking a deep breath, you started running along the empty streets towards Joon’s apartment. At first, strands of your hair were slapping you over the face, but after a while, getting completely wet, they just stuck on your skin. You felt the rain pouring down your entire body, revitalizing you. Stepping into a tiny puddle from time to time was making you giggle and reminded you of your childhood. You were right. Rain really wasn’t such a bad idea. The moment you got into Joon’s apartment building you rested your hands on your knees and breathed heavily.

'That was great.', you told yourself and waited for your heart to beat normally. The few people that were on the street at that hour and in that weather probably thought that you were crazy, but you couldn't care less.

You called the elevator and got in, looking in the mirror on the side and being horrified by how you looked. 

'Joonie's gonna laugh at me.', you told yourself and got out of the elevator once it got to Joon's floor.

You knocked on the door and called for him.

'Jagiya, I arrived!'

The door instantly opened, and there he was, in front of you. He was wearing the very colorful t-shirt that you bought for him last Valentine’s Day.

He scanned you from head to toe, and when his eyebrows formed a frown, you knew that you were about to get scolded.

'Didn't you say that you had an umbrella?', he asked and pulled you in, hurrying to the bathroom and getting you a towel. 'Did you lie to me??'

'Maaaaaaaybe~', you said in an apologetic tone and looked at him. 'I didn't want you to get out in that weather Joonie!'

He hissed at you and threw the towel at your face, jumping on the couch.

'I'm so mad at you I'm not even going to dry you! Do it yourself!', he scolded and averted his gaze from you.

'Aishhh!', you hissed through your teeth. 'Okay then!'

You took the towel and swooshed it all over your hair, trying to dry it as good as possible. First the roots and then the ends of your hair. When you looked down at Joon, you realized that he was now looking at you. Not only that, he was practically eating you up with his glare. His eyes were big and he was smiling. Then, suddenly, he let a big half-sigh, half-moan out.

'What's the matter?', you asked and stopped moving your hands for a second.

He continued to smile.

'You're not wearing a bra.', he said and you looked down at your chest, seeing how your white tank-top became see-through from the rain and your hard nipples were poking through it. 

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