You and your bf are soo cute did you want to learn Korean and that's how you met? Also love your blog!!!

Thank you, you’re really sweet!

And yup, exactly. I wanted to learn Korean and he wants to perfect his English (also his English is pretty good)

And now he always tells me ‘I wanted to learn English from you but I’m also learning some Romanian, German and Spanish which is really cool’ hahahaha

You live in Spain? For some reason I thought you were American!

Yup, I live in Spain but I’m native Romanian!

I’ll take that as a compliment because my English is so good hahahaha


for everybody sending me messages telling me it’s annoying i don’t post scenarios and just posting stuff with my boyfriend…

I said i’d take a break from scenarios until July so please don’t make me feel bad because I’m happy and be understanding just for a lil while

itsnunnalove replied to your post: Toledo visit

Your boyfriend, is he asian ?? =) just curious haha

He’s Korean ^o^

Wah! You two are such cuties- but .. is it okay if I ask... what happened to the Spanish guy o:?

Thank you! And ofc it’s okay. I broke up with him about 2 weeks after being together

So cute!!!! How did yall meet and get to talking?

Thank you!

Well, we met on this site called and we just started talking, normally. He liked me cuz I had pink hair and he found it interesting and we just continued talking.

Weird thing is we really have nothing in common, yet it still ended up pretty amazing idek opposites attract I guess ahahaha

And that’s all. After chatting and chatting we started talking even more until he confessed that he liked me and I told him ‘then come to me’

When you posted the reply about how you had a breakdown and he just listened I almost cried. I really hope someday I have a guy who would ditch his friends just to let me cry my eyes out. He is lucky to have such a sweet girl and so far it seems like he is a really good guy. I wish the best for you two! P.S He's a cutie! :)

Thank you very much for saying that he’s lucky to have me, that makes me feel good. you’re the first person to say he’s the lucky one, hahaha!

And of course, you’ll definitely meet a guy like that, a guy who really knows how to cherish you!

Thank you again, you’re a darling! <33