so i just found this blog and just wanted to say you seem pretty awesome and your writing is excellent!! keep up the good work! :) :) and if you don't mind me asking, is english your first language? you write it so well!

Thank you so much, I feel flattered haha!

And nope, English is my second language. Romanian is my first language. ^^

Hi!! Omg I am soo excited for you and your bf!! You guys are just the cutest.I've loved your blog for the longest time and it's really nice to see your actual love life and the story behind it is so cute!! Hope u guys last forever! It warms my heart!

Oh wow, you’re so sweet! Thank you so so much! He’s really the first guy I’ve fell deeply in love with, and I can’t express in words how happy he makes me.

One of this days I’ll write a rant about my time with him!!

Thank you again <333


my mom decided we’ll move out from her boyfriend’s house (since she wants to break up with him) so everything is so hectic right now


she wants us to leave one night when he’s working

like in the movies or some shit just disappear at once and I was like ‘what’ but hey it’s my mom and as long as she’s not happy next to her boyfriend anymore i’ll support her no matter what

so please excuse my absence for a little while longer and i hope ya’ll understand my situation

Guys GUYS, tomorrow I’ll finally write again

My boyfriend left….

I don’t even know what to do, I’m heartbroken. I have no idea when I’ll see him again, and it just hurts so much.

This is my first time being in love, oh god, I’m really clueless right now…

A plane trip from Spain to Australia and the other way around is not exactly cheap or affordable for most people

Help me guys

What should I do? I’m so sad right now… every little thing reminds me of him