I read your post and replies. Some of your post and replies are braggy and self post stories about how sad you are and then when random people gave you gd words, you act like it wont help u much. You thank them though, hypocritical much.

Are you serious or are you just acting stupid? just because I didn’t agree 100% with ONE message that someone sent me, I’m braggy and self centered? Are you insane?

I’m grateful for all the nice messages I’m receiving, I’m not a hypocrite in any way! And I never said those kind words wouldn’t help me, in the contrary, I said they would!

Don’t you know how to read? Go and do something else with your time instead of trying to make me feel selfish, because I know who I am and words like these from nobodys like you who just want to get some attention don’t affect me in the slightest.

P.S I hope that my followers know exactly how grateful I am for being so sweet and caring to me!


my boyfriend is really tall (182 cm) but he told me that before highschool he was the average height and he was actually a little bit complexed about is but then in the 10th and 11th grade he said he just suddenly started growing and he grew 20cms in two years so he went from 160 to 182 in two years without any logical explanation and this is one of my favorite stories because ha also said his mom almost cried because she was so happy she has a tall son

Thank you so much loves, I’m blessed to have you guys as my followers. You are the best!! ヘ(^o^ヘ)

Hi~ How's everything going? Are you ok?

Thank you for asking! I’m doing fine, everything is pretty hectic right now but things are slowly settling down. <3

Oh my god I'm so jealous that you have a korean boyfriend ;-: there was a Korean guy at my school that I really liked but he told me he didn't date foreigners (I'm German) because he thinks they're ugly and not attractive. But I'm so happy for you, you are a beautiful girl :3

Wow, but that’s pretty weird to be honest, because most Korean guys go crazy over white girls. Even my boyfriend told me that most of his friends are dying to have a white girlfriend, and that his friends were jealous of him for having me as his girlfriend.

I guess there are exceptions too!

Aber ich hoffe dass du dich deswegen nicht schlecht gefuhlt hast! Ich bin mir sicher dass es so viele Koreaner gibt die fur dich toten wurden!! hehehe

Und dankeschon, du bist wirklich suss!!!!! Danke danke <333

Sorry about your situation. Hope everything turns out alright. We will wait for you. ^^

Thank you <3

Last scenario was a Mir one, who will be this time? * curious * Thank you for everything, you're awesome!! <3

It’ll probably be *drum roll* G.O!!!!!!

And you’re very welcome <3333

Hi hello ouo just wanna say that I love your fics! You write so well, I wish I can too ;A; and you and your boyfriend are so cute, be happy and last long!!! <33

Thank you so much! I feel flattered. ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

And of course we will!!!!!

I know this question might be a bit irrelevant but could you recommend some good kdramas please c:? Your personal favorites? I'm looking for a new one to watch. I've currently been watching My Love From Another Star and I really like it c:! I've seen other dramas that I haven't finished because there is a lot of "I love you...but I dont...but I do...but I cant" in them. And it's really frustrating :c any suggestions?

OF COURSE IT’S MY PLEASURE. Okay so here goes, Imma write them in the order you should watch them!

  • I Hear Your Voice (aka. BEST DRAMA EVUUUR)
  • Coffee Prince (aka. my favorite drama EVUUUR)
  • Prosecutor Princess (totally underrated, you’ll love it!)
  • Missing You (melodrama, but so good)
  • Two Weeks (if you want to get away from the romance dramas and watch something really good and with good action)
  • Ghost (detective drama FTW)
  • Doctor Stranger (if you’re into doctors and north korea things)
  • King2Hearts (again, if you’re into north korea things and kings and queens)
  • My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (if you’re into SF things)
  • and Gu Family Book (if you’re into SF but also historical things)

I promise you none os these will disappoint you!!!